Ten Things to Expect on the Groove Cruise LA (Part 1)

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The Groove Cruise’s fully chartered Los Angeles voyage is less than a month away.  Are you prepared to party with 2,000 of your newest and closest friends?  Most likely not, but that’s OK.  We at Rabbits Black got you covered.  Now there are some surprises and things we just can’t tell you yet- you have to experience them for yourself aboard the world’s largest dance music festival on water.  But we can tell you ten things to expect from Groove Cruise LA 2013.  Hit the jump to find out what you got yourself into!

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Now for Numbers 1-5. . .


1. Markus Schulz is going to play for a really long time

The last time Markus Schulz was in Los Angeles performing, he played an 8 hour set that lasted until 9 AM at the Avalon.  To say Markus has a special place in his heart for LA is an understatement- his 2013 compilation album honored the City of Angels and he played his New Years Eve set here last year.  Anytime Markus comes to the West Coast, it’s a big deal and usually a long night.  With confirmation that his Friday night Bon Voyage set is going to be of the extended variety, there’s no doubt the Groove Cruise is going to witness one of those now classic Markus Schulz deep into the night experiences.  This rabbit hole might still be open when the sun rises over Catalina.


Get ready for a long one from ‘America’s Best DJ’.


2. The artists will be partying right next to you

There’s something about being on a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean that really brings people together.  That means once the ship sets sail, there’s no getting off until you get to port the next morning.  It’s not like the artists are going to helicopter off after their done!  The Groove Cruise is a unique experience because the artists are there to have fun with you!  Artists like Donald Glaude and The EC Twins keep coming back to perform every year- there’s a reason for that.  It’s not uncommon for DJs to finish a set and then head over to the bar, or drop by the pool while a fellow artist is doing their thing on the decks.  Where else can you party with the actual DJs?!

3. You’ll be dressed in theme… a lot

The Groove Cruise might be the largest floating dance music festival in the world, but that doesn’t mean it’s just one big party.  The Groove Cruise is actually made up of different stages and venues on the ship, and when the party festivities hit shore there’s still going to be options for you to choose from.  A lot of these parties are themed, and they range from the Wild Wild West to Tutus & Ties.  If you got a good collection of costumes at home, The Groove Cruise is the place to bust them out.  People are going to be going all out in theme, so don’t be afraid to let loose!


Go through your Halloween costume box thoroughly before getting on board.


4. You are going to get wet

On most cruises you stay pretty dry.  Your lucky if you even have a pool on your ship.  And then there’s the Groove Cruise, which might be the antithesis of “most cruises”.  Not only does the Groove Cruise take you to Catalina Island and Ensenda for two massive beach parties, but the ship has it’s own Water Park!  Read that one more time out loud… water park.  You’ll have every opportunity to get wet and have fun in the ocean or pool.  We suggest bringing 3 versions of swim attire… at least.


Champagne showers are one of many ways to get wet on the Groove Cruise.


5. You are going to see the sunrise at least once

There’s a lot of things about Groove Cruise LA that pretty much guarantees that you are going to be up until the sunrise at least once on this trip.  First, did we mention Markus Schulz is playing an extended set?  Second, there are actual sunrise afterhour parties scheduled on-board the cruise liner.  Sunrise sets were made famous on the island of Ibiza, but the Groove Cruise is setting out to show the world how California parties until the early morning too.  We think we can do a pretty good job of it too, so expect the sunrise parties to be heavily attended.  The Groove Cruise is making a name for the California EDM scene and we think your up for the challenge.  Our bars might close at 2 AM, but the Groove Cruise never closes.


Our boat is just a little bit bigger.



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Joanna · August 30, 2013 at 10:07 pm

This sounds freaking awesome! How did I not know about this before!!!!

    Ronnie · September 11, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    Well now you know! Get on board.

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