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(Interview by Tracy Smith)

We had the amazing opportunity to chat with local Long Beach band Fashion Party before the launching of the LBC United Second Annual Cancer Benefit. It was interesting to see how hyped up they were about this gig after playing three straight shows with little to no rest. It is something that has become routine for the boys with their constant effort to better themselves as a band. They presented us with the honor of joining them in their pre-food ritual on a trip to Taco Bell (their substitute for Del Taco) as they filled us in on what it means to be a member of Fashion Party.

Rabbit’s Black: What is the story behind the cancer benefit you guys are putting on today?

Marcos: We were just looking to give back to the community. We put on a show here last year and it went pretty well, but I expect we will have a bigger turnout today.

Rabbit’s Black: How was Fashion Party born?

Marcos: Fashion Party was born when I made the song “Wait Too Long” in my garage and I sent it to Corbin and Evan. I made a few indie rock demos and it was just the three of us for a while. We had Andrew play for a bit and that didn’t work out and we had Jacob come on board and he’s an amazing bass player.

Rabbit’s Black: And how did you all meet?

Marcos: Well I was in a band called Fixing Tomorrow and the band didn’t really work out, but I was introduced to a lot of fans of the band from Millikan. Through a series of connections I met Corbin through Dylan who was actually in that band with me but he now plays with Cassette Culture. I met Evan through another band called Better Heroes and we used to play with them back in the day.

Rabbit’s Black: How would you describe your music to someone who doesn’t know you?

Jacob: Lo-fi indie, heavy dream funk

Marcos: Dreamy experimental pop, non-GMO, organic

Corbin: A 69 percent off whole holiday sale, micro-brew

Evan: A cigarette escape, #wheatgerm

Rabbit’s Black: Who are some of your favorite bands/artists to which you owe your musical inspiration?

Corbin: AA Bondy, Better Heroes, Southern Comfort

Marcos: Vox Amoris, GG Allin, YG because Blame it on the Streets changed my life

Jacob: The Ramones

Evan: Lil Bow Wow

Rabbit’s Black: How do you manage to be so successful and play a number of different gigs? For an underground band you guys manage to book a lot of shows.

Marcos: We made a pretty solid demo I would say. We do a lot of house shows which is cool, you just kind of play until the police come.

Corbin: We kind of just grab them as they come.

Rabbit’s Black: What does your songwriting process consist of?

Jacob: Marcos basically writes the songs and he sends us a recording of all the basics, and from there we all just kind of tweak our parts.

Marcos: Everything is simple and we kind of just expand upon it

Evan: He sort of writes the skeleton and we all just put the flesh on. He’s the ground (but the dirt) that we build the tower on.

Rabbit’s Black: If you could collab with one band or artist (dead or alive) who would it be and why?

Corbin: We would actually really like to collab with La Femme. We really want to make a joint album with them because they’re really innovative.

Rabbit’s Black: What message are you trying to send with your music?

Marcos: Dress well because if you dress like crap then no one is going to take you seriously. Also, wear thrift shop clothing even if your parents make six figures.

Jacob: Be yourself. You can look as stupid as you want as long as you play well.

Rabbit’s Black: What is next for Fashion Party?

Marcos: Mooky Island

Rabbit’s Black: Well that’s a wrap! Thank you guys for chatting with me.


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