Show Alert: The Black Lips @ The Observatory 8/06

Since 2003 with their self-titled debut album, The Black Lips have been a band that has shown no signs of losing any energy or gusto, which is impressive for a band that has been around for almost a century. This is why I am very excited to say that they are coming to the great and powerful OC to play a show at the reinvigorated Observatory in Santa Ana!


coachella rain preview list 2012

Top 5 bands to see at Coachella in the rain

So it looks like the gods have had enough of Coachella and Goldenvoice thinking they can just do whatever the hell they want.  Two weekends?!  Are you serious?!  Haven’t we given you enough already!  How many times do you want to collect $350 during this recession from the poor people of earth?  Oh, as many times as you possibly can?  OK, cool.  Here’s a fucking storm!  But don’t worry Coachelleans, Rabbits Black has your rain-soaked party plans covered.  Here are the Top 5 bands to see at Coachella if it’s raining cats and drugs…. I mean dogs. (more…)