QOTSA Announce Acoustic Performance for Bridge School Benefit @ Shoreline Amphitheater 10/26, 10/27

Queens of the Stone have announced they will add one more very unique stop to their international arena tour and their performance will be fully acoustic. Josh Homme and the boys will make their first appearance at the annual Bridge School Benefit at the Shoreline Amphitheater in Mountain View, CA on October 26 & 27. QOTSA will join the likes of Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young, Elvis Costello, and The Killers at the legendary charity event 35 miles South of San Francisco. (more…)

queens of the stone age like clockwork usb bottle opener

Queens of the Stone Age offer new album on USB drive bottle opener

We knew Josh Homme and Trent Reznor loved working together as musicians and friends- Trent was originally slated to produce the new Queens album …Like Clockwork until scheduling conflicts came up.  It looks like Trent’s unique experimentation with digital music distribution might have worn off on Josh a little bit.  Either that or Josh really just wanted to make the world’s coolest bottle opener.  Queens of the Stone Age are offering their killer new album …Like Clockwork on USB drives that also double as a bottle opener.  Pretty damn cool way to open a beer and enjoy some tunes.  Watch the infomercial for the USB drives here and maybe even place an order or three. (more…)


A ranking of the best Queens of the Stone Age albums of all time


Queens of the Stone Age are no longer the best kept secret in rock n’ roll.  I used to think of them that way, my favorite band that most people had never heard of.  Drug-induced psych rock stoner metal- the genre wasn’t even accessible to fans not in the know (or the fade).  They are the opposite of a secret at this point- a living rock n’ roll legend of our time.  I read a full feature piece on Queens last week on Grantland.com…you know, the sports and pop culture website owned by ESPN.  If ESPN is sponsoring articles about Queens of the Stone Age then good luck scoring PIT tickets for their upcoming tour because everyone is in on it now.  But let’s put the hype to the side for a second and take a look back at the albums created by Joshua Homme and his revolving cast of supporting characters.  (more…)