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Show Alert: Nine Inch Nails @ The Troubadour 9/3

How do you plan on spending next Tuesday?  Are you going to get your friends together a listen to the new Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks on it’s release day?  Maybe you want to hear it solo in your super fancy headphones first.  Or, if you are 1 of 300 very very lucky fans, you’ll be hanging with Trent hearing new tracks from Hesitation Marks live at The Troubadour.  Ya, that sounds like the best option.  Nine Inch Nails at The Troubadour.  300 people capacity.  Next Tuesday. (more…)


Download Nine Inch Nail’s new single “Copy of A” for free on Amazon

Trent Reznor has been playing a few tracks from the upcoming album Hesitation Marks (releasing on September 3rd) live during the recent run of festival performances.  We heard “Came Back Haunted” and the new single “Copy of A” live at Lollapalooza- along with a third instrumental track in the middle of the set.  Well, here we go again with the free music!  Partnering with Amazon, Trent has released the new Nine Inch Nails single “Copy of A” as a free download.  Links and insight into the new album after the jump. (more…)

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Listen to the new Nine Inch Nails single “Came Back Haunted” from the upcoming album Hesitation Marks

New single. New album. New tour.  That’s all Trent had to write on today to get the Nine Inch Nails hysteria back on in full force.  So here we go… Nine Inch Nails 2013.  The new full-length album is titled Hesitation Marks and it will be released on September 3rd on Columbia Records.  You can listen to the first single from the upcoming album, “Came Back Haunted” right here.  Don’t be afraid to put your grooving shoes on for this one. (more…)
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Nine Inch Nails announce official return and new lineup with summer 2013 shows scheduled

Nine Inch Nails is officially back!  It’s been four years since Trent and company “Waved Goodbye” on the final Nine Inch Nails tour.  We were at the last four shows ever for that incarnation of NIN- four epic September nights in Los Angeles in 2009.  Even though the lights closed on that version of the band, fans had a burning sense that somehow Nine Inch Nails would be revived… someday.  Someday is now and the live experience is just around the corner.  Check out the full announcement and a message from Trent. (more…)

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Rumor Alert: Nine Inch Nails to tour in late 2013 with Adrian Belew

How To Destroy Angels (HTDA) will be performing live for the first time ever at Coachella 2013.  That’s huge news for Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor fans.  The HTDA debut is reason enough for many die-hard fans to shell out the cash for Coachella this year.  When we saw Nick Cave getting double the love on the Coachella bill with The Bad Seeds and Grinderman, our minds raced for a second that maybe Nine Inch Nails would swoop in for a one-off Saturday night headline spot- how are minds can run when we get excited.  We can almost guarantee that won’t be happening, but it’s looking highly likely that Nine Inch Nails will be returning in late 2013!  Yes, read that one more time… “high likely” and “2013”.  Check out the clues! (more…)

Listen to Nine Inch Nails’ cover of U2’s “Zoo Station”

U2 reissued their classic album Achtung Baby a few days ago to mark it’s 20th anniversary.  While we are sure a lot of people are excited about that, we are more interested in Q Magazine’s tribute to the album with artists like Jack White, Patti Smith, and Nine Inch Nails covering the songs on the album.  While the song is cool and all, what we are really excited about is that Trent is putting the Nine Inch Nails name behind the cover.  Is Trent starting to think in terms of NIN again?  Check out Nine Inch Nails’ cover of “Zoo Station” here. (more…)

Pretty-Lights-vs-Radiohead-vs-Nirvana-vs-NIN mashup

Pretty Lights remixes Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead for a daring mashup

Mashups are one of those very touchy subjects in the industry.  When done right, they can capture magic in a bottle and bring together some unique sounds that were never paired together before.  When done wrong, they can make the listener cringe and curse the composer for even messing with the sacred nature of the original artists.  Pretty Lights, the American electronic artist and DJ who entered the mainstream scene at 2010’s Coachella and Ultra music festivals, has put together a mashup of three of the most influential bands of all time.  Check out the Pretty Lights remix of Nirvana, Nine Inch Nails and Radiohead- ya, he went big! (more…)