Petty Fest is Coming to LA November 14 & 15 @ El Rey Theater

We always kind of knew someday that Tom Petty would save the world. Now we are starting to see the evidence for ourselves. Petty Fest is a music festival and charity event that brings together some of the biggest names in music and entertainment to play a concert of Tom Petty’s greatest hits. In a sold out New York show on Nov. 6 Petty Fest raised $15,000 for the Eastern Musicians Fund to help those affected by Superstorm Sandy. Now the same group, The Best Fest, has announced they will bring their Petty driven charity machine to LA for two shows at the El Rey Theater Nov. 14 & 15. Check out more info about tickets and how you can donate after the jump. (more…)

The Heavy release new album “The Glorious Dead” and begin North American Tour

English soul-rockers The Heavy released their new full-length album, The Glorious Dead, this week. The Glorious Dead is the band’s third LP and the follow-up to their sophomore record The House That Dirt Built (2009). The Heavy will be performing “What Makes A Good Man?”, The Glorious Dead’s first single, on The Late Show With David Letterman on Thursday, August 30. The band will be making a return appearance after their highly talked-about 2010 performance of their breakout hit “How You Like Me Now?” The Heavy mix¬†together soul, hip-hop, rock, blues and funk to create a unique and memorable sound with wide appeal – as exemplified by the band’s enormous commercial success (by “commercial success”, I refer to the fact that it seems like their songs are used in EVERY commercial). So if all the Kia commercials didn’t exhaust you on these guys, grab your significant other and be sure to check these Brits out when they hit California next week. Follow the jump for a stream of the new album, the new video for the single “What Makes A Good Man?”, and tour info…