coachella rain preview list 2012

Top 5 bands to see at Coachella in the rain

So it looks like the gods have had enough of Coachella and Goldenvoice thinking they can just do whatever the hell they want.  Two weekends?!  Are you serious?!  Haven’t we given you enough already!  How many times do you want to collect $350 during this recession from the poor people of earth?  Oh, as many times as you possibly can?  OK, cool.  Here’s a fucking storm!  But don’t worry Coachelleans, Rabbits Black has your rain-soaked party plans covered.  Here are the Top 5 bands to see at Coachella if it’s raining cats and drugs…. I mean dogs. (more…)

Bonnaroo Better Lineup Than Coachella

Bonnaroo set to outdo and out-California the mighty Coachella

Though they may not want to come out and say it, it is a competition.  There are a ton of music festivals in the United States that take place throughout the year, from the New Orleans Jazz Fest to Ultra Music Festival and the ever growing Outside Lands, that can all take claim to being some of the best in the States.  But the claim to lineup supremacy comes down to the three heavyweight indie festivals everyone knows by name- Coachella, Bonnaroo and Lollapalooza.  With the Chicago-based Lollapalooza set to release their lineup on Wednesday and Coachella Weekend 1 to start this Friday, it’s safe to say Coachella’s lineup won’t be the victor this year.  Bonnaroo does everything Coachella should have done this year from a headliner perspective, and rounds it out with a lineup just as deep. (more…)

Jefferson Airplane White Rabbit Music Video

Happy Easter from Rabbits Black!

It’s Easter weekend, and obviously for Rabbits Black it’s a big one.  The Easter Bunny stops by our office tomorrow, and we expect him to be dropping off some killer prize packages for Coachella.  We’ll be putting these special Rabbits Black Easter baskets together next week, and leaving them in secret locations all around Coachella and the parties taking place.  Tickets, t-shirts, records, cash… ya, they’ll be pretty rad.  The only way to find them will be through this site and a few signs with directions at the festival.  So while the Easter Bunny is going to be hard at work for you tomorrow with the Rabbits Black crew, we did the most minimal work possible today and found you this classic video.  Happy Easter! (more…)

Coachella Primer: Part 11 (of 12) – Kasabian

Welcome to part 11 of our Coachella primer series. We’ve been saving some of the best for last with this week’s choice – Kasabian! Yes, that same Kasabian that RB awarded the “Most Disappointing Album” of 2011 in our latest yearly roundup. But lest we give the wrong impression, Velociraptor was only disapponting because West Ryder Lunatic Asylum was one of our top albums of 2009 and Kasabian has set such a high bar for themselves. They are a really damn good band and are sure to be one of the highlights of Coachella…especially for those that take the time to leave the Sahara Tent for a few moments in search of a friendly guitar! (more…)

Coachella Primer: Part 9 (of 12) – The Horrors

Our latest installment in the RB Coachella Primer series is all about The Horrors! And after Coachella you might be all about them too. Granted, The Horrors aren’t for everyone. They are are an English goth/post-punk band formed in Southend on Sea in 2005. They are heavily influenced by bands such as Bauhaus and The Jesus and Mary Chain, but they have a sound all their own. The Horrors are just starting to hit the mainstream, so this is your chance to see them on the cusp. Like The Black Keys last year, we could be seeing The Horrors quickly shooting up that Coachella lineup. Check out a little more about The Horrors and listen to some of their music after jump! (more…)

coachella 2012 lineup announcement

Coachella Announces Side Shows in Southern California

Ok, Rabbits. Remember when Coachella first announced the new two-weekend format last year? Remember how Ronnie speculated we could get some great shows in the Southland for the week between Coachella weekends? And remember how I thought such shows would be excluded in the artists’ contracts? Well, it looks like we were both right. Some bands will not be making any official appearances anywhere near Indio between April 16 and 20—ahem, Radiohead. But fear not, pass-less but savvy Coachella fan! Goldenvoice announced today a slew of shows between April 11 and 23, featuring some of the best acts of Coachella. Hit the jump to see how you can create a choose-your-own Coachella adventure by hopping around great Southern California venues. (more…)

Flying Lotus plays Coachella 2012

Coachella Primer: Part 8 (of 12) – Flying Lotus

This week’s Coachella Primer features LA’s own Steven Ellison, a.k.a. Flying Lotus, and we couldn’t have better timing! Coming off the heels of announcing the tentative title and release of his upcoming album on “The Champs” podcast, Flying Lotus is generating a lot of buzz around town as we stand six weeks out from Coachella’s kick off. Having released his first album in 2006, Flying Lotus is no stranger to the Los Angeles music scene. He returns this year to Coachella — he played in 2010 — to present his next album, “Until the Quiet Comes”. (more…)