Live Review: Blind Pilot @ The Fillmore 7/6

Guest review by Jay

Blind Melon. Psych! Blind Pilot hit the Fillmore this past Friday night with all the support in tow for a successful night. I have to admit, I was very skeptical… this was my first time seeing the band live and my first time reviewing a show, so I ran through my requirement list for “what makes a band decent” a hundred times before seeing their ridiculous blue tour bus parked outside. Lets face it; SNL, Portlandia, your 16 year old cousin in Tennessee, and the Billboard have all taken shots at Indie-folk hipsters overextending “quirky.” (more…)

Blind Pilot hit The Fillmore and The Fonda in Summer 2012 Tour

Show Alert: Blind Pilot @ The Fillmore SF 7/6 & The Fonda LA 7/7

Only eight months after their unforgettable performance at the Great American Music Hall, Blind Pilot are back with another tour for 2012! In addition to playing Bonnaroo and Sasquach, Blind Pilot will hit venues all over the nation, including The Fillmore in San Francisco and The Fonda in Los Angeles. Rabbits Black has been captivated by Blind Pilot’s catchy blend of indie folk since the release of their debut album,¬†3 Rounds And A Sound. Blind Pilot are not a band to miss, and their live show is an experience unto itself. Don’t miss this chance to catch Blind Pilot’s live performance. (more…)

Live Review: Blind Pilot & Gregory Alan Isakov @ Great American Music Hall 11/20

The Great American Music Hall is a gorgeous, ornate venue that has hosted many great acts; turns out, it is also the perfect spot for a beautiful indie-folk show. Blind Pilot, of Portland, Oregon, first caught my attention in 2008, after Israel Nebeker and Ryan Dobrowski completed a West Coast tour from Bellingham, Washington, to San Diego, California, entirely on bicycles. Instruments, gear, and all. Seriously. The now-sextuplet has toured tirelessly since then, and their practice is evident in their captivating live performance. Gregory Alan Isakov, from Boulder, Colorado, is probably the perfect support for Blind Pilot. On Sunday night, fans at Great American Music Hall were treated to a special, solo set by Isakov. The stripped down, opening performance set the tone for a great evening of indie-folk music.¬†Continue reading after the jump for a full review of Blind Pilot and Gregory Alan Isakov’s show! (more…)