Sydney Blu Countdown: Top 10 Moments from the Groove Cruise

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As the world’s largest and longest running dance music festival at sea, the Groove Cruise has made a name for itself as being one of the most inclusive festival experiences around. All are welcome to partake in the fun, and that absolutely includes the artists. Some artists revel in the fact that they can break away from the stage to enjoy the music and experience with colleagues, friends and fans. Sydney Blu is without a doubt one of those artists. She is an embodiment of the fun-loving spirit and inclusive nature of what the Groove Cruise is all about. This past year ushered in many milestone moments for Sydney. She released her first artist album Relentless in June and it climbed quickly into the Top 20 on Beatport. While 2015 was quite the success, 2016 is starting off with another milestone moment in her career, because on January 22nd Sydney Blu will be sailing on her tenth Groove Cruise voyage as a performing artist! Ten cruises is something to celebrate and it brings an artist to the the pinnacle of Groove Cruise lore, and no one deserves that status more this year than Sydney. So what better way to get ready for Groove Cruise Miami Xii then looking back at some of Sydney Blu’s favorite moments from her years of Groove Cruisin’.

Miami 2014 – ‘The Bunny Bomb’ 

In 2014 a random bunny head was brought by my friends from New York. From the first moment I saw that thing I decided I needed to wear it. I actually went back to these people’s cabin the second night to put the bunny head on and I decided to run on stage in the theatre and bunny bomb Funkagenda’s set. In addition to my amazing bunny costume some random scary bunny appeared that terrified everyone….I definitely feel like I was the best bunny of them all!


Miami 2015 – Playing 14 hours in the Penthouse suite

During Miami 2015 a giant Penthouse suite was the location for a party that literally did not stop for 4 days. On the 3rd day I decided to start playing around 1pm…and I didn’t stop for 14 hours. People went to bed, woke up , came back…I was always still there spinning on the grand piano. Buster happened to have made the funniest comments of that experience. ‘You’re still HERE??!! You like, Live here now!”


Miami 2015 – The Classics Party with Roger Sanchez

The Classics party is the best, because anyone who really KNOWS House music will love it, because it’s a trip back in time, singing all our favorite classics. I had the opportunity to play with Roger Sanchez this past year who was one of the first DJs I ever saw live. He is the king of House and if anyone can play a classics set…it’s him. All the old school, classic DJs came for this — Chus & Ceballos, Patrick M, Louis Dee, Sidney Samson… we were all practically moshing to Roger’s set. It was hilarious and amazing. (Read the Groove Cruise Miami Xi recap for a review of this show)

3 The Classics Party with Roger Sanchez

Miami 2010 – My first cruise. Meeting Ryan Fitzpatrick & many friends who I have seen every cruise since.

My very first cruise was where I met some people that have turned into life long friends. The Groove Cruise still hadn’t even booked the entire ship yet and they had families and people there just having vacations. It was still building into the monster festival it has become. The very last night/morning as we sailed into port, I met 2 people who are now life long friends – Holly Macnamara and Ryan Fitz (aka Groove Cruise Ryan), who’s the talent buyer for the cruise. We were in another good friend of mine’s suite and sitting on the balcony sailing into port just chatting… it was an amazing experience because who knew, 6 years later I’d be writing about it, telling the story and thinking about the many years of stories in between.4 meeting Ryan

Every year & every cruise – Lavelle… just Lavelle

If I were to write a book about my experiences on the cruise, Lavelle would get a chapter. That guy is totally who you get into trouble with from the teacher all the time, because he instigates everything. I can laugh with that guy and make fun of everything around me for days and never get bored. Whether we are shooting imaginary arrows through the back of peoples heads or talking on the banana phone. Or even worse, he is distracting me during the DJ meeting, or the muster drill with his peanut gallery comments…that guy is an entity all on his own and I love him. Let’s not forget the wig that shows up halfway through every cruise.


Los Angeles 2013 – Having my stateroom bed filled with crumbs thanks to Rob Woo and Jackie F.

This was ridiculous. I go back to my room and these high school kids filled my bed with Pop Chips. Thank god we got upgraded to a suite or I would have made Rob eat the chips.

6 crumbs 2

Los Angeles 2014 – Sweeping up around the Cocodrills set

(don’t ask…the photo speaks for itself. I hadn’t slept in a while)

I have no idea what was going on here. All I know is, it had been many hours since I had slept and I decided to clean up. Gotta love the Cocodrills for their marathon sets.


Los Angeles 2015 – My Waterslide set

This year’s set on the LA 2015 cruise was amazing. I played ‘Waterworks’ which is an isolated area at the back of the ship, with giant waterslides! It was SO fun! At the beginning of the set, there was literally no one there…but 20 minutes into it and the place was jammed full of people. A very special set I will always remember from the Groove Cruise…just sailing away into the Pacific Ocean.


Miami 2013 – Nervo

I don’t even really have a story about this, other than this was probably one of the first time’s I’d hung out and bonded with these crazy girls. We hit it off! So amazing. We had only shared emails and met in passing up until that point, so spending a full day and night with them was pretty epic….especially Liv. We had a blast partying and I have hung out with them in many crazy moments ever since.

9 Nervo2

Miami 2011 – Closing down the Theatre

10 closing down theatre

This was definitely one of my favourite moment’s ever on the Groove Cruise. I have had SO many amazing sets on GC but this one is one I’ll never forget . Look at the smile on my face. This exact moment the lights had just come on in the Theatre, I had just finished my set, and was thinking “wow that was SO sick!” I felt SO connected with the crowd. This was a set I got to play true proper and underground. Everyone stayed until the very end and when it was over I had chills. These are the moments DJs live for and why we do what we do. Glad one of these moments was caught on camera so accurately. It’s a moment I’’ll never forget in my top DJ sets of all time.

10 closing down theatre 1

Sydney Blu with Groove Cruise Founder Jason Beukema and Talent Buyer Ryan Fitzpatrick.

Thanks to Sydney for sharing her Groove Cruise experiences with us. You can catch Sydney performing at the Daytime Pool Party on Saturday with Chocolate Puma and Roger Sanchez. Check out her new track “Electric Era” from her first artist album Relentless.

Can you keep up with Sydney Blu on the Groove Cruise Miami this year? There is only one way to find out! Book one of the last remaining cabins here with the discount code: rabbitsblack

We’ll see you, Sydney, and of course Lavelle in Miami!

5 lavelle 2


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