SnowGlobe Music Festival is back to bring in 2015 with its best lineup yet!

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Let’s get real for second about a topic of utmost importance and timeliness.  New Years is totally overrated, right?  There’s simply too much buildup for one evening, such that it’s nearly impossible for it to live up to expectations.  So, in the end, in order to ensure that you don’t once again spend a ton of money and energy on a lackluster experience, adjustments must be made.  There’s no doubt about it.

But consider this: do these adjustments need to be applied to your expectations? Hell NO!  Keep them high!  You made it through another year, and by God you deserve to have an amazing time!  So instead, let’s demand more from those who charge $100+ for one single event.  No more “open bars” that close before 10pm.  No more waiting in line until the ball drops just because you didn’t shell out an additional $35 for the express entry.  No more idiotic theme parties that make no sense, and draw a terrible crowd.  No more being kicked out at 12:30am without recourse to continue the party!

Herein lies a big part of the problem: as previously mentioned, there’s simply too much buildup for one evening.  The solution?  Make the celebration not just one, not even two, but three days long!  Sound crazy?  Well it’s precisely what the good folks who created SnowGlobe Music Festival, held in idyllic Lake Tahoe, have done for the past 4 years. And this year’s installment will be the best one yet, guaranteed.  That’s because the lineup this year is—in a word—dialed.

Sure, last year was cool…I mean it had the brand new reincarnation of Snoop Dogg as Snoop Lion!  But this year, the lineup is simply out of this world.  The headliners alone—consisting of Skrillex, Porter Robinson, Disclosure, Flume, and Zedd—put to shame any other NYE event you might be thinking of attending.  Therefore it should come as no surprise that 3-day general admission passes have already sold out.  However, have no fear, you can still buy single day passes here, and once those have been purchased, you can extend your night(s) by buying tickets to one of 15 different after-parties, here!

And Rabbits has the scoop regarding the lesser known, must-see artists dropping the beat this year:

Flux Pavilionflux-pavilion-dubstep

Hailing from the UK—the undisputed birthplace of dubstep—Joshua Kierkegaard G. Steele, better known by his stage name Flux Pavilion, is a veritable one man EDM tour de force, and will undoubtedly have one of the most exciting and hyphy performances during the three days of SnowGlobe.  Simply put, there is nothing low key about Flux’s brand of music.  With hits like “Bass Cannon,” “Louder,” and “Blow the Roof,” it should come as no surprise that Flux likes to bring it hot and heavy, with no frills attached.  That means a shit ton of low end, laser beam synth melodies, plenty of chest-rattling 808s, and overlapping snare cracks that are simply ear-splitting.

So if absolutely losing your mind sounds like a good way to bring in the new year (and how could it not?), then the Main Stage is where you’ll need to be on Tuesday at 7pm—with Porter Robinson taking the stage immediately afterwards, you’ll be in a great position for the remainder of the evening. And if one Flux performance simply isn’t enough, you can see him again later that night (along with Overwerk and Branchez) at the Montbleu Resort.

Bro Safaribro-safari

Part of Flux’s hardcore crew, the irreverent and outlandish trap and moombahton producer Bro Safari will likewise have the crowd on its feet, bumpin’ and grindin’ the night away on the first day of SnowGlobe at the Sierra Tent, starting at 7:15pm.  Atlanta born-and-raised, Nick Weiller (the face behind Bro Safari) is no stranger to the festival circuit, having played at just about all the major ones including, but not limited to, Ultra, EDC, E Zoo, and Hard Summer.  And he’s showing no signs of fatigue, recently releasing a fantastic remix of Flux Pavilion’s “Mountains And Molehills” (feat. Turin Brakes) with a co-production help from Jake Stanczak, aka Kill the Noise, as well as a seething trap banger, “Inferno,” alongside Rell The Bellsounder.  This is going to be another exhausting, sweat-drenched set, so hide yo kids, hide yo wife, and take off your winter coat…because it’s gonna get pretty weird.


(By Stanislava)

The 23 year old Harley Streten, better known to the audience as Flume, is already a made man in the world of electronic music.  Born in Australia, but inspired by European house and UK garage, his premier blend of atmospheric, experimental, even trip-hoppy beats have landed him firmly on the Main Stage as a SnowGlobe headliner this year.  Since being discovered in 2011 after releasing a three-track EP, Sleepless, which he submitted to the Australian label Future Classic, he has risen through the ranks in meteoric fashion. Just a year later he released his first full-length (self-titled) album, in which Flume collaborated with vocal artists like Moon Holiday, Jezzabell Doran, the New York rapper T-Shirt and Chet Faker.  It immediately reached number one on the Australian iTunes charts. His work with the Australian musician Chet Faker is widely considered to be a complete masterpiece and an inspiration for fans and artists alike.

The decision to make Flume a headliner is obvious: His last tour sold over 40,000 tickets and he has rapidly amassed a huge following all over the world.  Your ears will definitely enjoy the long refreshing instrumental passages and the breathtaking beats combined with melodic vocals that Flume has to offer. Celebrating New Year’s Eve with Flume will guarantee you a lifetime experience and a night you simply will not forget.


(By Stanislava)

Harrison Mills (Catacombkid) and Clayton Knight (BeachesBeaches) are an American electronic music duo from Seattle known to the scene by the name Odesza.  Funny story…their name comes from Mills’ uncle’s ship, “Odessa,” which accidentally sank, leaving only two survivors: his uncle and one other crew member.  The two came together to start producing music in 2012 shortly before graduating from Western Washington University, which is where they met.  Although they are still fresh faced and a somewhat new addition to the electronic music community, they have already made quite a name for themselves after tagging along with veteran producer Pretty Lights on his Analog Future Tour, and releasing their debut album in 2012, Summer’s Gone, followed shortly thereafter by their first EP, My Friends Never Die, in 2013.

Creating a delicate balance between dreamy, sun-trickled melodies, glitched-out vocals, crunchy drums, and sweeping bass lines, the duo stand out among other artists.  They are set to perform on Tuesday night at the Sierra Tent, then later that night for an after-party at the Night Blue Nightclub.  This performance is sure to be impressive, as it will be chock full of off-the-cuff live mixing, and replete with beautiful, soaring melodies.  In other words, it is not one to be missed.


(By Ronnie)

Phantogram are a rock n’ roll band, so don’t get it twisted.  The versatile New York duo made up of Sarah Barthel and Josh Carter have worked with the likes of Alt-J and Danny Brown, and find themselves on the SnowGlobe 2014 bill as somewhat of an anomaly (or, going along with the theme of this festival, a “special snowflake”), considering they will be one of the few groups displaying live instrumentation, rather than digital turntables and laptops.  But this is a good thing, and a welcome addition.  The band has consistently sold out dates around the country for the past year, and their shows leading up to SnowGlobe have pretty much all been sold out as well.  So even if you are going to the festival mostly for the DJs, make sure not to miss Phantogram—a unique marquee artist on the lineup this year—at the Main Stage at 5:40pm on Tuesday.  It might be something different to many of you, but we think that’s reason enough to check them out!

What So Notwhat so not

(By Carmen)

Okay, so Flume made it on here twice, but that being said, he once suggested that the world should forget his solo act and instead go listen to What So Not, his side collaboration with fellow Australian DJ Emoh.  If you’ve heard their bass-dropping, face-melting track “Tell Me” featuring RL Grime, or Branchez’s giddy remix of “High You Are,” you might be tempted to delve deeper into their music, which offers a gripping balance of both producer’s styles.  At SnowGlobe, you can expect a top-notch set that will keep you hearing snippets of Flume’s laid-back ambient sounds on top of Emoh’s rougher rhythms.  Flume does not always appear alongside Emoh during What So Not performances, but this weekend, he will surely come out at least once!  Flume will ring in the New Year solo beginning at 11 p.m. on the Main Stage, but don’t miss out on his side project, which offers more eclectic, and upbeat sounds. What So Not is scheduled to perform 9:15 p.m. Wednesday night in the Sierra Tent, just prior to esteemed hip-hop group Atmosphere.


(By Ryan)

We can’t resist highlighting some of Los Angeles’ own fast rising artists.  Classixx is a DJ duo formed in the LA suburbs by old-school-rock-influenced Tyler Blake and Michael David, childhood friends. They have made a name for themselves remixing classic compilations of different music ranging from R&B to Indie. Their sound is intentionally distinct from the electro-house popular in clubs today. It is self-described as a smooth blend of disco, new wave, funk, house, and indie rock. They opened up this summer for the electro influenced indie band Cut/Copy this summer before embarking on a solo tour in October. Classixx released their first album Hanging Garden only last year, so get it on the party early because you might be the first of your friends to know about it. Make sure not to miss these guys throwing down what will surely be an amazing hour-long DJ set at the Sierra Tent on Tuesday at 7:30.

Trippy TurtleTrippy Turtle

(By Chrikol)

Trippy Turtle, the unsuspecting and rather mysterious alter ego of producer extraordinaire Lido (real name Peder Losnegård, who also is the face behind Cashmere Cat), must have drifted from his native icy waters of Scandinavia and presumably landed on the shores of Jersey, because they fit right in with the club scene there. With mashups of Blackstreet and Lloyd, Twista and Chingy, and banging remixes of Drake and T-Pain under his belt, Trippy is sure to bring a breath of fresh hip-hop and R&B to the SnowGlobe lineup.  Trippy boasts a playful sort of EDM that at times can almost seem comical, until you realize just how damn good it is.  His ingenious craft turns smooth, baby-making music into fast-paced, hyped-up rump shaking bangers. Sensually deep-rooted and dripping with heavy trap influences, festival goers will definitely be feeling the groove.  So head on over to the Sierra Tent at 7:45pm on Wednesday, a few hours shy of the New Year, and bask in the moment brought to you by…a turtle-hoodie-clad genius.  You can also check him out on the other side of the ball drop alongside Cherub and What So Not at The Showroom after-party at Montbleu.

Djemba Djembadjemba djemba

(By Chriskol)

It can be a bit of a toss-up at festivals when artists are scheduled early on in the day, with most people’s anticipations simmering for the later acts. However, if you happen to find yourself on the grounds at 4:45pm on Tuesday, Djemba Djemba will be throwing down with a vengeance in the Sierra Tent, and you’ll be thankful you worked through the previous night’s hangover and braved the elements a few hours earlier than you had hoped. With releases from Mad Decent, Team Supreme, as well as his own collaborative label, Rabbit Records (great minds think alike?), Djemba Djemba’s music style is a true testament to diversity. Ranging from the humble beginnings of UK bass to the outer reaches of future-based rhythms, and then somewhere between synthy electro and bouncy trap, there really is no easy way to categorize this producer’s grandiose musical persona. One common thread that that runs deep within his productions is big—nay, larger than life sound that will be sure to translate well in a live setting. Now, doesn’t that make you want to show up early?  And in case you last all night and still feel like going, make sure to head over to the Blu Nightclub at Montbleu to catch Djemba Djemba’s after-party performance, followed by none other than Odesza (dj set).


TastyTreat is a hidden gem from San Luis Obispo.  This will be their first year on the SnowGlobe lineup, which goes to show what a big year it has been for the duo—real names John Smith and Devin Hardy.  While we’re still eagerly awaiting a feature length album from TastyTreat, these two have been undeniably busy in the studio, recently releasing a slew of monster trap originals including the ethereal “Nobody Else,” the smooth “It’s You,” and last but not least, the stripped down, savory  “Say Yes.”  And they’ve matched this magnanimous effort behind closed doors out on the road as well, making dozens of appearances up and down the California coast in the past several months.  So if you want to expand your mind and listen to some hot-off-the-skillet EDM, make sure to head to the Sierra Tent at 4pm on New Years Eve as well as at their after-party later that night with Tincup at American Legion.

Le YouthLe+Youth+eBay+Giving+Works+Nylon+Launch+MusiCares+0GXvcKZF1Fpl

(By Carmen)

If you’re looking for a new musical discovery with a sweet, mysterious vibe that will keep you bobbing your head in the chilling snow, upcoming Los Angeles based DJ Le Youth, also known as Wes James, will do just that for you.  For two years that Le Youth has been in the game, he has borrowed from some of the best of 90s R&B, and is not afraid to pull from male as well as female artists, including Aaliyah, Destiny’s Child, and he even sampled Cassie’s early 2000s hit, “Me & U.”  What is remarkable about Le Youth is his ability to enhance funky house music through brilliant sampling of singable hits that many of us have long forgotten.  His carefully calculated music will appeal most to those in a serene state of mind, but that doesn’t mean there won’t be epic sing-a-longs and the chance to experience firsthand this talented artist’s evolution.  Le Youth will have a full hour and a half set in the Igloo stage at 8pm on Monday night.


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