Show Alert: ……. @ Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz 7/26

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Alright party people, here we Go With The Flow again. This Regular John feels like the summer has already shaped up to be absolutely epic and should remain on Auto Pilot.

I Think I just Lost My Headache from the official launch party of Rabbits Black coming off as a complete success. We were witness to a genuine blessing of a live acoustic performance from Alain Johannes last weekend that provided pure inspiration for our cause and honest humbling for our egos. I want to extend my personal thanks to him for coming out. The Santa Cruz show being announced in this show alert will supply a furious second wind that is sure to be Rated R.  With their last bay area performance just starting to move In The Fade, I thought, If Only these guys would loop around to the south bay for another dose of Misfit Love. In this Era Vulgaris, all that has proven necessary is Better Living Through Chemistry, a Leg of Lamb, trips to Mexicola, being Born To Hula, and just a tiny, tiny bit more cowbell…I would not bring your Little Sister, because No One Knows what could happen. Battery Acid may be thrown into her face, or even worse, she might be threatened with a Six Shooter. Bottom line, the Sky Is Fallin’, and what better way to celebrate than to Do It Again? This band needs no introduction. If you don’t know who it is by now, check the schedule. I will never tell. I have not Lost the Art of Keeping Secrets. So, buy a ticket and Suture Up Your Future. Some people like to party.



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