Show Alert: Bassnectar @ Bill Graham Civic Center SF 9/17

Published by Anthony on

As the summer concert season winds down, it is time to shift into the gear of orange fallen leaves and thick fog. What better way to change tempos than to pound the scene with time-stretching Dubstep? Great question. There is none. Bassnectar will be bringing the shockwave-laden circus to a Bill Graham Civic Center near you this coming Saturday…SF!! Check out a couple of the most popular tracks after the transport…

From wicked, melodic synthesized, light show munch-i-fied, and HEAVY bass driven instrumental window cracking tracks to creative mix-ups of some great hip-hop and other genres, Bassnectar delivers the sauce to keep the heads knocking, arms throwing down, and asses shaking. Check out a couple of popular tracks here:

Bassnectar: Timestretch

Bassnectar: Bass Head

The Bill Graham Civic Center is one of the last popping electronic music hubs on the west coast that survived the 90’s. It holds about 7,000 occupants….a perfect mass of rowdiness to keep you enthralled and entertained. Come support a California originated artist coming back to the heart of the Bay Area! Tickets are still available.


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