Rabbits Black 2.0 is here and it’s time to celebrate!

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Welcome to Rabbits Black 2.0!  Don’t freak out, we’re still the Rabbits Black you love to read and party with.  We just switched things up and refocused our efforts.  There’s a thousand websites out there for you to get your music news.  We don’t care about that stuff.  It’s not our thing, and you can get that thing anywhere.  Instead we wanted to focus on the fun part of music- live shows, talking to bands, getting you backstage, giving away stuff, introducing new music and artists to your ears- you know, the cool experience shit!  We have a few rock shows, DJ sets and parties planned for the end of this year to kick things off.  So that’s what we are going to do.  Obviously we cleaned up our look a little bit and launched the new design.  If you hate it and want the retro look, you can complain to us on twitter @RabbitsBlack. We can drop some whole new mission statement stuff on you (if you want that read the footer below or read this) or we can give you some something awesome.  Which do you prefer?

We’re giving a lucky reader an amazing opportunity to experience music with a friend in 2014.  We’ve covered a ton of music festivals this past year from coast to coast: Coachella to Lollapalooza, Electric Daisy Carnival to Groove Cruise.  We went, we saw, we listened, we partied, we experienced it and we shared our stories.  Next year we want to take you along for the ride.  We are giving away two tickets to the music festival of your choice in 2014!  It’s that simple.  Pick any festival in the continental United States and rock it with a friend!  It’s easy to enter, and we’re picking a winner very soon.  Simply send an e-mail to tickets@rabbitsblack.com with the subject “Festival Contest”.  The winner will be announced on the Rabbits Black Twitter and Facebook pages on October 31st- yes, Halloween!  Of course we wouldn’t send you to a festival without some Rabbits Black gear, so check the total prize package below and enter soon.  The theme of this prize package…. 2.0!

2 Tickets to any United States Music Festival in 2014

2 Rabbits Black V-Neck Shirts

200 Rabbits Black Temporary Tattoos (or 2 real ones if you are really down)

Why the temporary tattoos?  Because they are awesome and funny.  Here’s how to enter…

There are three different ways to enter.  You MUST do Step 1 and then select one of the entry points below.  Using more than one entry point will not increase your chances of winning.  Winners will receive a pair of festival passes to a festival of their choosing (must be approved by Rabbits Black) happening in the Continental United States in 2013.  In order to receive tickets, the festival CAN NOT be sold out at the time of winning.  General Admission tickets will be purchased.  The winners will be announced on October 31st on the Rabbits Black Twitter and Facebook accounts.  It’s easy to enter, and you can enter as many times as you like through any of these entry points:

Step 1: Like our Facebook page because its the right thing to do (and you have to do it for this contest)

Entry Point 1: Leave a comment on our Facebook page mentioning this contest OR in the Comments Section of this post

Entry Point 2: Hop on Twitter and send us a tweet.  Make sure you include @RabbitsBlack and mention this contest.

Entry Point 3: Email us at tickets@rabbitsblack.com.  Make sure to put “Festival Contest” in the subject line.

You can read our coverage of Lollapalooza 2013 by clicking the image below. Also, check out our other contests and specials running now.  We’re also hiring new staff and creating new Rabbits Black colonies along the way.  We will still be reporting on everything Los Angeles and San Francisco, but we are going to be spreading the fever to Toronto, New York City, Chicago, Las Vegas and San Diego.  Want to write for us?  Easy, just shoot us an e-mail.  We are also going to be throwing a ton more shows in LA and the Bay Area with artists you’ve never heard of and some you know very well.  Dance parties?  On deck.  Secret shows?  Already in the works.  Fuck it feels good to do your own thing!  Enjoy.




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