Live Review: The Dodos @ The Roxy Theatre 2/13/15

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(RB Contributor Tracy Smith)

West Hollywood was in for more than a treat on an eerie Friday the 13th. The Dodos accompanied by friends Springtime Carnivore and William Alexander ignited the stage for a house full of well-adoring fans. Each set bringing forth its own individuality in which kept fans on their toes from the moment they stepped into the venue. It was undoubtedly a night worth remembering.

Springtime Carnivore graced the stage with a performance of a few songs off of their latest album. A performance so well-executed that it would set the tone for the rest of the night. The impeccably, dreamy vocals of Greta Morgan filled the air, and were backed by the perfect melodies. The music would indeed match her heart, and the story she had to tell. A story particularly evident in her amazing solo performance of “Other Side of the Boundary”. This show having followed Greta’s birthday was undeniably a birthday wish granted. Springtime Carnivore was and oustanding addition to the show, and definitely a band to be watching for. Whether you are looking to dance or looking to sing your heart out, Springtime Carnivore has you covered in both areas.

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Next to take the stage was The Dodods, playing for a crowd not nearly ready for what they were about to experience. Even those who thought they were prepared were dead, dead wrong. The crowd was able to fully experience the extremity of just how electric the duo of Meric Long and Logan Kroeber really is. Not only was it easy to see how passionate the two were, but it was easy to feel it in the atmosphere. It was completely mesmerizing watching both men lose themselves in a performance accompanied by Meric’s mind blowing guitar skills. It was a show that unfortunately could not last forever, but was provided by a band definitely worth seeing again.

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The Dodos shed light on a whole new era of performing when it comes to a concert. Rather than playing a gig at The Roxy, it felt like they were playing a show for the world. One night watching The Dodos felt like a lifetime worthy of living in awe and wonder. The band was breathtaking. Experiencing them live brings new depth to their music, and will permanently etch goosebumps into one’s soul. The Dodos are a band not to be missed, along with friends Springtime Carnivore. A day filled with bad luck was no match for this night full of magic.

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