Live Review: Fashion Party / Vox Amoris @ DiPiazzas 12/07

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Fashion Party

(Guest Review by Tracy Smith)

Local Long Beach bands Fashion Party and Vox Amoris invaded DiPiazzas on a blissful Sunday evening for a night full of generous laughter and great music. Both bands were well acquainted with each other, representing the LBC at many local venues. Together they produced a perfect blend of enticing sounds and extraordinary personalities.


di Piazza in Long Beach hosted a night of fun music headlined by locals Fashion Party

Fashion Party opened up the night and their stunning personalities were on full display. The boys made an incredible adjustment to the electric venue versus their previous acoustic performance at Vento Y Agua, and proved just how much they could entertain a crowd when placed in the right setting, including a number of stories and hilarious outbursts from their talented drummer Evan Schaid. Besides being undeniably interactive, their authentic music engaged the emotions of the large crowd, and set the tone for Vox Amoris to follow. As they played their final song, I could not help but gaze in amazement as Andrew and Corbin played spectacular solos. The music sent the entire audience into a blissful trance.

Vox Amoris took the stage next, and did not waste any time making their presence known. The band consists of drummer Orion Sundstrom, guitar/vocalist Alex Sundstrom, and bassist/voclaist Jonathan Eastly. The boys were attention grabbing from the minute they took the stage to the time they departed. Their music, full of life and substance, tries hard to revive the rock/alternative genre.  Their confidence onstage was palpable and passed directly through into their music.

This standard Sunday evening turned into a spectacular night of music. I do not doubt that both Vox Amoris and Fashion Party will soon make a name for themselves because in addition to their music and charm they are fantastic performers that know how entertain and put on a good show. I would recommend seeing both bands while they are small and unknown, and definitely be on the lookout for upcoming shows and music releases.


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