Kaskade gives his fans “A Little More”

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(Guest article by Stanislava)

The multi-Grammy nominated American DJ, producer, and artist, Ryan Raddon (better known by his stage name, Kaskade) has just premiered his latest single, “A Little More,” exclusively on Spotify on November 11th.

You can stream the track on Spotify by clicking here.

Five years in the making, “A Little More” has piqued the interest of festival-goers around the world, many of whom have already been treated to previews of it at major festivals where Kaskade has played this past summer.  “A Little More” is the culmination of effort not only from Kaskade, but also fellow powerhouse DJ John Dahlbäck, and features the stunning voice of “Sansa” as well, who received the “Live Debutant of The Year” award by the Helsinki Festival in 2010.  Sansa’s presence definitely gave a finishing touch to the tune, and with the help of Kaskade’s creative mixing, created a genuine masterpiece that is sure to appear in a variety of set lists from industry artists. With such impressive and commanding production credentials, “A Little More” will no doubt please diehard fans of Kaskade, as well as those who are less familiar—if those even exist at this point.

Alongside the premiere of “A Little More,” Kaskade coupled the single with a personally curated playlist of 82 songs that you can find on Spotify as well.


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