In The Studio with New World Punx (Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten)

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Ferry Corsten and Markus Schulz take a moment to soak in their latest collaboration as New World Punx.

The clock is reaching for 11 PM on a warm Wednesday night in Los Angeles, and in a small studio in the heart of Hollywood, two close friends are making music together that someday will be listened to by millions of people.  It’s the third night of what has turned into marathon studio sessions for Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten during the week that separates their two Coachella performances.  New World Punx has been enlisted to help close out the notorious Sahara Tent at Coachella this year, and the time between the two weekends has given both artists the unique opportunity to be in the same city for consecutive days compared to only a few hours.  So while it’s obvious that Markus Schulz and Ferry Corsten could easily fill this time enjoying the warm weather and company of close friends in Los Angeles, there is work to be done.

Tonight vocalists and songwriters are coming in to work with the two on new tracks for both their solo efforts and joint work as New World Punx.  Significant tracking is being done, and songs are starting to form around the melodies and structure that both Markus and Ferry have prepared for their selected singers.  While some of the work has already been prepared, there is still ample room for creativity and feedback.  There is no genre or time period that Markus won’t pull inspiration from, and he’s constantly calling back in his mind to music history for a guide to the future.  He challenges his vocalists to express who they are in a track and song that started as his vision.  And while he offers constant affirmation to get the best out of his people, he always takes the time to get it just right.  Ferry works with a sense of joy with his team that is infectious.  It’s hard not to smile when he’s around, and you can see right away why songwriters love working with him.  It’s a process that focuses on getting the feeling and mood right, but it also promotes the truly enjoyable and personal aspect of writing a song to share with the world.  Whether they are in the mixing room together as New World Punx or off working with their own teams, they both strive to capture that last final sound, note, lyric, and moment of perfection.

So how do Markus and Ferry know when they got it just right?  That’s the easiest cue of all with these two in the studio.  With a huge smile on his face, Ferry nods to the beat in approval, and Markus, who moments before was sitting at the mixing board leaning in attentively to make sure the vocalist hit every last note to the best of their ability, is now up in the corner of the studio dancing to the track and mouthing the lyrics.  And that’s how you know… they got what they were searching for.

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