Watch: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club plays San Francisco Amoeba

Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) are one of the hardest working and touring bands around.  They played over 150 shows in 2010- ya, that’s about a show every other night.  Most of their touring last year was in support of their brilliant 2010 album Beat The Devil’s Tattoo.  They stopped by Amoeba in San Francisco on March 10th, 2010 for a free show, a show you can see now.  (more…)

Show Alert: Flaming Lips @ Hollywood Forever 6/14 & 15

Who wants to eat a human sized gummy skull on the lawn of one of California’s most famous cemeteries while listening to the Flaming Lips and drinking wine or beer out of a cooler?  If you said “No” to any part of that, then these shows are probably not for you.  If you said “Yes”, well then buy your tickets now before this awesome opportunity and live shows sell out!  That’s right, your favorite psychedelic noise-pop band The Flaming Lips are coming to LA in June.  They will be playing two shows, June 14th and 15th. (more…)

Show Alert: Dax Riggs @ The Echo 6/10 & 11

You have probably heard us talk about Dax Riggs on these pages- the once frontman of the Louisiana metal band Acid Bath (also worth checking out for you heavier metal heads).  Well Dax Riggs is solo now, and we at Rabbits Black think he’s that much better for it.  Dax has really let his creative styles flow on his first two solo albums under the Dax Riggs moniker.  (more…)

Coachella line-up announced. Big acts, few surprises.

The Coachella line-up was officially released late last night.  Waiting for the announcement has become over the years part of the tradition and buzz of Coachella itself.  Well, it’s finally here and we don’t have to guess our spread rumors about the bands playing this year.  The line-up is heavy at the top with Kings of Leon, Kanye West and Arcade Fire all being huge touring acts.  From there we are greeted with a mix of local bands, Coachella regulars and Indie projects.  We would have liked to see one of those huge surprise headliners (Paul McCartney, Ozzy with Slash, Red Hot Chili Peppers- where are you guys?) and we still might with a late addition, but it doesn’t look too good for now.  (more…)