Live Review: We Are The West @ Make-Out Room SF 2/17

In preparation of the release of their 2nd three song EP in a 4 part album of recordings, We Are The West, an LA based duo of acoustic guitar and stand-up bass, toured up and down California since the turn of 2013. I had chance to get a glimpse of their live show at an unruffled little venue settled in San Francisco’s Mission District called Make-Out Room, and have to say it was a chill and peaceful way to spend a Sunday evening.


Tomahawk @ The Mayan 2/19 review photos Rabbits Black

Live Review: Tomahawk @ Mayan Theater 2/19

It’s been awhile since Tomahawk has played in Los Angeles, and you could tell it has been way too long by the jittery excitement filling the floor of the Mayan Theater on Wednesday night.  Retox tried their best to get the crowd into their fast paced antics as the opener, but everyone was there to see Tomahawk and the anticipation was becoming too much for fans.  With a steady 30 minutes of the same Native American war chant (think Atlanta Braves but darker) growing louder with every minute over the PA, the lights finally turned dark on stage as Mike Patton strolled out his experimental metal four piece for their first show in Los Angeles in over ten years. (more…)

Album Review: The Last Royals – Twistification

Sometimes you discover a great band by turning on the radio and hearing the new single from the latest flavor in mainstream music.  Other times you may go to a show and see an excellent up-and-comer before the headliner takes the stage.  And sometimes you just take a chance and click on an obscure looking icon of what looks like the back of a mobile home that recently surfaced in your Spotify dashboard.  Sure, why not. (more…)

night horse echo rival sons lecherous gaze review

Live Review: Night Horse & Lecherous Gaze @ The Echo 1/9

Night Horse hasn’t played live in over a year and a half.  Maybe it was the pressure of being selected as our Best Live Show of 2011 that got to them, or maybe it was just time for a little break.  Whatever the reason was, the band left a huge void in the Silverlake & Echo Park hard-rock scene that grew to love the band over the years.  Opening for Rival Sons, Night Horse played to a packed house at The Echo.  Not everyone there seemed to “get it” when Night Horse was on stage, especially following a fast-paced set from the awesome yet slightly disturbing Lecherous Gaze. (more…)

Live Review: Black Rebel Motorcycle Club @ The Troubadour 12/21

When Black Rebel Motorcycle Club announced their four show mini West Coast tour to close out the year, fans knew that new music from their upcoming Spring release would be played.  But no one would have guessed that it would be this good from the start!  Yes, the band seemed to be finding their groove at times, but that sense of urgency and pure rock n’ roll bliss was as strong as ever.  BRMC tours more than almost any other band, and because of that even warm-up shows have more vivacity than most bands can muster up for a close of tour set. (more…)

Live Review: Coldharbour Night @ Exchange LA 12/14

There was a special feeling in the air on Friday night in downtown Los Angeles.  Electronic Dance Music parties can bring about an interesting mix of people.  Sometimes fans are there for the big names- the mega DJs who have transcended their genre and entered the world of universal stardom.  A whole other group of clubbers would be there regardless of who is playing.  They are there for the scene, looking for the right tempo and beats per minute that defines their idea of a weekend party.  But last Friday had a much different feel.  There was a solidarity within the crowd, a reason to be there on a rainy LA night that bonded every clubber and fan.  This feeling was facilitated by the four men who took the decks, not as individuals looking to increase their singular popularity, but instead a cohesive group of artists with the one goal of making this night as special as can be for the fans in attendance.  This was Coldharbour Night with the artists of the Schulz Music Group. (more…)