Show Alert: Real Estate @ The Observatory 9/26

Okay, I’m sure you guys are getting sick of me writing about shows in Orange County all the time but what can I say, Orange County is coming up! Domino Record’s very own Real Estate is making their way to the OC for what will be an awesome show at The Observatory on the 26th! New York based group, Free Time, will be joining in on the fun too in support of their 2013 debut self-titled album.


Paper Diamond at 1015 Folsom on 8/16/2013

Live Review: Paper Diamond @ 1015 Folsom 8/16

The crowd was more eclectic than your typical Friday night club show, with only a few of the neon-clad ravers that the EDM scene primarily caters to, most of whom look as though they have stumbled out of some Saved by the Bell acid trip.  Yet the explanation for this diverse group was obvious: it was merely a reflection of the equally varied style of the headlining act for which they came to see: Alex Botwin, otherwise known as Paper Diamond. (more…)

Live Review: Deap Vally @ Troubadour 8/13

Deap Vally (sp) sold out the Troubadour in West Hollywood Tuesday night, and they looked every bit the part of a headliner. They have only released a 4-song EP Get Deap but have already opened for Muse, sold out the Troubadour, and are opening for Queens of the Stone Age on the upcoming Canadian leg of their tour. These blues rock sirens are a little destruction, a little salvation, and a lot of temptation. Lindsey Troy (guitar, vocals) and Julie Edwards (drums, vocals) are from LA so Tuesday night was a homecoming for them, and the only LA tour date on calendar, so the crowd was full of family, friends, and industry folk trying to get a glimpse of these girls while they are still contained to club shows. (more…)


Best of Lollapalooza 2013: The Aftershows, Parties and Experience (Part 3)

Even though the bands stopped playing at 10 PM every night, Lollapalooza didn’t end there.  Aftershows and parties scattered throughout the city kept the music and vibe going late into the night in Chicago.  It’s hard to pick the very best of Lollapalooza when so many moments, artists, and events were great.  It’s even harder when the aftershows take on a life of their own at the festival!  It’s one of the things that makes Lollapalooza so unique and special as a festival.  It’s more than 10 hours at Grant Park, it’s a full experience embodied by the spirit of the festival and the city of Chicago.  Here is our Best of Lollapalooza 2013: aftershows, parties and experiences. (more…)