Ticket Giveaway: GRiZ @ Fonda Theatre 10/11

We first checked out GRiZ at Lollapalooza this past summer and ever since we’ve been fans. The soulful funk synth master Grant Kwiecinski (aka GRiZ) plays a mixture of computers, controllers and saxophone live on stage. Sounds like a party right? GRiZ live will get you moving and grooving, and Rabbits Black is giving you the chance to check out the 21 year old from Detroit at the Fonda in Los Angeles.


Show Alert: Gary Numan @ Masonic Lodge at Hollywood Forever 10/17

We love being at Hollywood Forever and in the Masonic Lodge for a creepy and entertaining set amongst the many souls at the cemetery.  It takes a special act to raise the spirits there, and the electronic synthesizing pioneer Gary Numan fits the bill perfectly.  The English rocker may be in his mid 50s, but he’s continuing to release music like its the 80s where he released an album every year except for 1987.  Numan’s 2013 release, Splinter (Songs From A Broken Mind), will be out on October 15th, and two days later you can see him at the Masonic Lodge in Los Angeles. (more…)

Show Alert: The Zombies, Allah-las, Summer Twins, Mystic Braves@ The Obervatory 9/10

Yes, it is the “Time of the Season!” That’s right, The Zombies are making their way to jolly old Orange County for a very special performance at The Observatory in Santa Ana on Tuesday the 10th.  The concert is being put on by OC record label Burger Records and besides The Zombies, there are going to be many more amazing bands performing that night such as The Allah-las, Summer Twins, Mystic Braves and many more! So come on LA, get out of that smog-ridden city for a night to a slightly less smoggy city and lets revive the 60’s together! Oh yeah, and this aint no cover band either, this is the real deal! (more…)


Nine Inch Nails’ “Hesitation Marks” record release day events in Los Angeles

Nine Inch Nails’ eighth studio album Hesitation Marks is a really big deal.  It is (with all respects to Josh Homme and company) the most anticipated album release in rock, electronic (and quite possibly dance) music this year.  The Tension 2013 tour hasn’t even begun and high fidelity recordings of Hesitation Marks haven’t even been heard, and it still feels like Nine Inch Nails is the biggest thing to happen in music this year (you can thank their towering shadow effects festival stage show for that as well).  September 3rd is fast approaching and the Nine Inch Nails machine is in full gear.  Starting on Monday, scattered throughout Los Angeles will be record release events where you can buy Hesitation Marks, get some free food, and hopefully draw the winning raffle number to get you this year’s most ridiculously sought after ticket. (more…)


Ten Things to Expect on the Groove Cruise LA (Part 1)

The Groove Cruise’s fully chartered Los Angeles voyage is less than a month away.  Are you prepared to party with 2,000 of your newest and closest friends?  Most likely not, but that’s OK.  We at Rabbits Black got you covered.  Now there are some surprises and things we just can’t tell you yet- you have to experience them for yourself aboard the world’s largest dance music festival on water.  But we can tell you ten things to expect from Groove Cruise LA 2013.  Hit the jump to find out what you got yourself into! (more…)