black mountain year zero independent san francisco

Show Alert: Black Mountain @ The Independent SF 8/30

The Independent in San Francisco is one of the best places to see live music in the City by the Bay.  It’s small, intimate, and acoustically well put together.  When Black Mountain rolls through town late in August, it’s a show that you will want to be at.  This a venue that sells out quickly, so you’ll want to make that commitment soon.  The band is touring after releasing a very interesting “soundtrack” to the post-apocalyptic surf film Year Zero.  Catch them in San Francisco in one of our must-see shows on August.  Ticket info and songs from Year Zero after the jump. (more…)

Outside Lands 2012 features Stevie Wonder, Neil Young, Jack White, Foo Fighters, and many more!

Show Alert: Outside Lands Night Shows!

With less than a month to go, Ranger Dave still has some tricks up his safari sleeves! In addition to announcing the lineup for the laugh-packed Barbary (featuring David Cross and Neil Patrick Harris, as if the Outside Lands music lineup wasn’t good enough on its own!), Ranger Dave announced a slew of great Night Shows to help you close out every night. Check out our picks for shows to satiate your desire for more music when Golden Gate Park shuts down at 10 p.m. (more…)

Live Review: Blind Pilot @ The Fillmore 7/6

Guest review by Jay

Blind Melon. Psych! Blind Pilot hit the Fillmore this past Friday night with all the support in tow for a successful night. I have to admit, I was very skeptical… this was my first time seeing the band live and my first time reviewing a show, so I ran through my requirement list for “what makes a band decent” a hundred times before seeing their ridiculous blue tour bus parked outside. Lets face it; SNL, Portlandia, your 16 year old cousin in Tennessee, and the Billboard have all taken shots at Indie-folk hipsters overextending “quirky.” (more…)

Outside Lands Primer: Part 4 (of 12) – Yellow Ostrich

Hailing from Brooklyn, Yellow Ostrich started as Alex Schaaf’s solo outlet. Since its inception, Schaaf added Michael Tapper and Jon Natchez to the Yellow Ostrich lineup. The band’s sound has grown since Schaaf first started exploring the magic of intricate loops in his Wisconsin bedroom. With two full length albums under their belt, the trio are primed to add Outside Lands to their growing list of experiences. (more…)