Show Alert: Junip @ The Troubadour 10/20

On October 20th, Sweden’s favorite Spanish son, Jose Gonzalez, is making his way to the world famous Troubadour for a special performance with his amazing project, Junip. If you’re not familiar Junip you may have heard them all of over KCRW in the last few months and on Television for the season finale promo for AMC’s Breaking Bad, and even Jose Gonzalez has a track in the upcoming and highly anticipated Ben Stiller film The Secret Life of Walter Mitty. (more…)

Show Alert: Real Estate @ The Observatory 9/26

Okay, I’m sure you guys are getting sick of me writing about shows in Orange County all the time but what can I say, Orange County is coming up! Domino Record’s very own Real Estate is making their way to the OC for what will be an awesome show at The Observatory on the 26th! New York based group, Free Time, will be joining in on the fun too in support of their 2013 debut self-titled album.


Show Alert: The Zombies, Allah-las, Summer Twins, Mystic Braves@ The Obervatory 9/10

Yes, it is the “Time of the Season!” That’s right, The Zombies are making their way to jolly old Orange County for a very special performance at The Observatory in Santa Ana on Tuesday the 10th.  The concert is being put on by OC record label Burger Records and besides The Zombies, there are going to be many more amazing bands performing that night such as The Allah-las, Summer Twins, Mystic Braves and many more! So come on LA, get out of that smog-ridden city for a night to a slightly less smoggy city and lets revive the 60’s together! Oh yeah, and this aint no cover band either, this is the real deal! (more…)

Arcade Fire announce new album release date

It’s been since 2010’s The Suburbs and a few covers here and there since we’ve heard from the Canadian heavy hitters, the Arcade Fire. There has been some confirmation that the new Arcade Fire album will come out October 29th on Merge Records and we can expect to start hearing some stuff as early as September. And yes, the rumors are true, James Murphy (DFA/Lcd Soundsystem) is producing the album.


Album Review: The Knife – Shaking The Habitual

When I first heard that the brother and sister duo, The Knife was coming out with a new album, I thought to myself, “ Its about Goddamn time!” But, I guess like most of their albums, they come out three years apart from each other anyways. Anywho, their latest installment, “ Shaking the Habitual,” hit the shelves earlier this month under the Swedish record label, Rabid Records, with many people anticipating it. (more…)

Show Alert: Mac DeMarco @ The Observatory Orange County 4/6

If you’ve heard of Makeout Videotape, then you have heard of Mac DeMarco. The obscure Canadian multi-instrumental artist will be making his way down to Orange County for a very special performance at The Observatory on April 6th. Mac DeMarco crashed into the scene with his debut album (appropriately named), “ Rock and Roll Night Club,” in March of 2012. It’s an album that requires an acquired taste but once taste is acquired, it’s pretty damn tasty. (more…)