how to destroy angels welcome oblivion download album release

How to destroy angels_ release track listing, cover art and new video for Welcome oblivion

How to destroy angels_ have released a ton of news over the last two weeks.  It’s all coming together now, and the debut full length release Welcome oblivion is coming on March 5th.  We have the track listing and album cover for you here, along with a new track and video titled “How long?”.  It’s all leading up to one of this year’s most anticipated releases and the live debut of the band at Coachella in April. (more…)

adrian belew nine inch nails 2013 tour the fragile

Rumor Alert: Nine Inch Nails to tour in late 2013 with Adrian Belew

How To Destroy Angels (HTDA) will be performing live for the first time ever at Coachella 2013.  That’s huge news for Nine Inch Nails and Trent Reznor fans.  The HTDA debut is reason enough for many die-hard fans to shell out the cash for Coachella this year.  When we saw Nick Cave getting double the love on the Coachella bill with The Bad Seeds and Grinderman, our minds raced for a second that maybe Nine Inch Nails would swoop in for a one-off Saturday night headline spot- how are minds can run when we get excited.  We can almost guarantee that won’t be happening, but it’s looking highly likely that Nine Inch Nails will be returning in late 2013!  Yes, read that one more time… “high likely” and “2013”.  Check out the clues! (more…)

wavves new album tickets tour afraid of heights

Wavves announces Afraid Of Heights LP release date, new single, and tour dates

We got a ton of Wavves news for you today.  Their forthcoming new album Afraid Of Heights is scheduled for a March 26th release via Mom + Pop/Warner Bros.  We also have the album cover, track listing, and a stream of the new single “Demon To Lean On”.  Ya, that’s kind of a lot to digest!  Take it all in here with some new music and ticket links to the San Francisco and LA shows.  2013 is going to be a big year for Wavves, and this next album will dictate which way the band goes from here. (more…)

8mm sister ruby band standing shadows path concert

A look back at the PATH Benefit with 8mm, The Sister Ruby Band, and Standing Shadows (DJ Set)

This past Saturday at the Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica, friends, family, fans and musicians got together to make a positive difference in their community.  The concert experience that brought some fans to the Dakota Lounge in Santa Monica, featured special performances from 8mm, The Sister Ruby Band, and Standing Shadows.  If you were there on Saturday, you were part of that palatable energy that flowed through the venue, and your contributions are making a difference in the community as you read this.  Check out the photos and take a look back at Rabbits Black Presents: 8mm, The Sister Ruby Band, & Standing Shadows – a concert experience to benefit PATH (People Assisting The Homeless). (more…)

coachella 2013 lineup announcement

Coachella 2013 lineup announced, festival to take place in 2007

Last year it was the Tupac hologram.  This year it’s a time machine!  Coachella never ceases to amaze in its innovative concert technology.  The announcement of the 2013 lineup has been met with excitement around the world.  Somehow the people at Goldenvoice figured out how to make a time machine while booking these bands.  How did they find the time to do both?  Probably by not booking bands.  When festival goers scan their tickets this April at Coachella 2013, they will immediately be ushered into the carefully crafted vessels that hold 4-5 people, or 1 person staying in the campground. (more…)

Rabbits Black Artist Spotlight: 8mm

Five studio albums would be considered a full and complete career in today’s music industry.  Now imagine that those five recorded albums (officially three EPs and two LPs) were all produced in less than a ten year period.  There’s only one word that describes that type of output- passion.  8mm is passionate about their recorded material, never allowing corporate influences or record label appointed producers to dictate their sound.  They are passionate about their live performance, going as far as launching a Kickstarter campaign to allow the band to bring their stage show to fans around the country who pledged over $37,000 to the cause.  They are passionate about each other, a husband and wife duo with an undeniable chemistry that has created this living and breathing entity called 8mm.  And they are also passionate about using their immense talents to make a positive difference in this world.  All of these traits will come together to make for an unforgettable night this Saturday when 8mm headlines the Dakota Lounge to benefit PATH. (more…)

sister ruby band ©Rainer Hosch rabbits black preview

Rabbits Black Artist Spotlight: The Sister Ruby Band

If you live in Los Angeles and consider yourself a fan of the local music scene, than you should already know about The Sister Ruby Band.  The psych-rock project of 23 year old Marlon Rabenreither (aka Johnny Ruby), has been a staple at the Desert Nights sessions at the Standard Hollywood, and they’ve played every lounge and club from Silverlake to Hollywood.  They’ve received praise from Kevin Bronson, KCRW, and of course here on the pages of Rabbits Black.  We’ve decided to bring them to the Westside on January 26th for the PATH Charity Concert to show everyone along the coast what all the buzz is really about. (more…)

night horse echo rival sons lecherous gaze review

Live Review: Night Horse & Lecherous Gaze @ The Echo 1/9

Night Horse hasn’t played live in over a year and a half.  Maybe it was the pressure of being selected as our Best Live Show of 2011 that got to them, or maybe it was just time for a little break.  Whatever the reason was, the band left a huge void in the Silverlake & Echo Park hard-rock scene that grew to love the band over the years.  Opening for Rival Sons, Night Horse played to a packed house at The Echo.  Not everyone there seemed to “get it” when Night Horse was on stage, especially following a fast-paced set from the awesome yet slightly disturbing Lecherous Gaze. (more…)