Nine Inch Nails NIN tour 2013 official dates tickets trent reznor

Nine Inch Nails announce official return and new lineup with summer 2013 shows scheduled

Nine Inch Nails is officially back!  It’s been four years since Trent and company “Waved Goodbye” on the final Nine Inch Nails tour.  We were at the last four shows ever for that incarnation of NIN- four epic September nights in Los Angeles in 2009.  Even though the lights closed on that version of the band, fans had a burning sense that somehow Nine Inch Nails would be revived… someday.  Someday is now and the live experience is just around the corner.  Check out the full announcement and a message from Trent. (more…)

Tomahawk @ The Mayan 2/19 review photos Rabbits Black

Live Review: Tomahawk @ Mayan Theater 2/19

It’s been awhile since Tomahawk has played in Los Angeles, and you could tell it has been way too long by the jittery excitement filling the floor of the Mayan Theater on Wednesday night.  Retox tried their best to get the crowd into their fast paced antics as the opener, but everyone was there to see Tomahawk and the anticipation was becoming too much for fans.  With a steady 30 minutes of the same Native American war chant (think Atlanta Braves but darker) growing louder with every minute over the PA, the lights finally turned dark on stage as Mike Patton strolled out his experimental metal four piece for their first show in Los Angeles in over ten years. (more…)

markus schulz bus tour america tickets 2013 spring

Markus Schulz announces 2013 Spring Bus Tour across America

There’s a reason why we call Markus Schulz the rockstar of the EDM scene, and there’s a reason why he was crowned “America’s Best DJ” by DJ Times for 2012-2013.  Markus Schulz is a rockstar!  To prove the point even further, Markus is going all rock n’ roll band on us and firing up a tour bus for a coast-to-coast 20 show run across the United States.  No flights, no international stops, and no breaks.  This is Markus taking on every part of America with a show that he is promising to be “the most incredible time you have inside a club in 2013.”  Check out the initial dates here! (more…)

BRONCHO interview Ryan Lindsey Oklahoma garage rock

BRONCHO talks to Rabbits (An Interview)

You love BRONCHO.  You really do.  You may not know it yet, but if you read these pages then we know a thing or two about you.  So take our word for it, you love BRONCHO.  Now let’s get you acquainted with one of our new favorites in garage rock.  The Oklahoma band falls somewhere in the category of The Beach Boys, if they were from Oklahoma of course, Iggy and The Stooges, and Eddy Current Suppression Ring.  The music is manic, but there’s a sort of comforting undertone through the whole thing that makes you smile and want to spend a day at the beach.  Their debut album Can’t Get Past The Lips will take a little over 20 minutes to hear from start to finish.  In fact, you can read our interview with lead singer and guitarist Ryan Lindsey and listen to the album all in less than 30 minutes.  Have some time to spare? (more…)

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Rabbits Black Presents: Matthew J. Tow, Opus Orange, Strangers Family Band & Dead Meadow DJ Set @ O’Briens 2/22

Rabbits Black and Xemu Records are joining forces on February 22nd for a concert and party at O’Briens on Main St. in Santa Monica, and you are invited!  Matthew J. Tow and Strangers Family Band from Xemu Records will be performing along with their friends from Opus Orange.  Sounds fun right?  We got more!  This wouldn’t be a Xemu party without Dead Meadow.  They’ll be mixing it up during an exclusive DJ set all night.  It’s going to be an all-nighter, and in classic Rabbits Black style it’s going to be free.  Bring some friends and get down with Rabbits Black and Xemu on Friday the 22nd! (more…)

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The Rabbits Black Guide to Valentine’s Day 2013

Let me guess.  You’ve been searching for things to do, places to eat, and “cheap valentine’s day gifts” and probably “creative valentine’s day ideas” on Google for the past 3 hours.  Ya, you started planning today and that means you are most likely screwed for Valentine’s Day on Thursday.  It’s OK, we got your covered here at Rabbits Black.  We’ve put together our list of the single best shows in San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego on Valentine’s Day night.  Grab your tickets, get acquainted with the bands, and look like you actually planned something awesome for this Thursday.  You’re welcome. (more…)

alain johannes queens of the stone age

Show Alert: Alain Johannes w/ IRONTOM, The Mighty Stef @ Dragonfly 2/26

Alain Johannes has been one busy man over the past year.  He’s been working with Queens of the Stone Age on their upcoming album, and has also been holed up in the studio with Brody Dalle working on a project that we hope will come to fruition this year as well.  Alain has also been playing with Dave Grohl’s Sound City Players- the supergroup that has been assembled by Grohl to support the release of his documentary Sound City about the famous Los Angeles recording studio.  We love seeing Alain play in his supergroups of the moment (Sound City Players, Them Crooked Vultures), but there’s something undeniably pleasing about seeing Alain perform solo.  You can see him in February at Dragonfly in Hollywood. (more…)

Show Alert: Ferry Corsten @ Exchange LA 2/15

2012 was the year that the EDM scene completely blew up in Los Angeles.  You would think that moving Electric Daisy Carnival to Las Vegas would put a significant dent in it, but instead it has helped it mature.  A few years ago, Los Angeles was building a huge festival scene for EDM artists, but the clubs were the ones suffering.  Finding decent 21 and up clubs in LA with the top talent in dance music was a difficult venture until 2012.  One of the venues that changed all of that last year was Exchange LA and their weekly Insomniac sponsored events.  While some venues have started to slow down this Spring on the EDM scene (where have you gone Greystone Manor?), Exchange keeps on going.  Bringing in Ferry Corsten for Awakening next Friday shows the world that Exchange takes their place in the Los Angeles EDM scene seriously.  We preview the best EDM show in LA this Spring here. (more…)