Nine Inch Nails’ “Hesitation Marks” record release day events in Los Angeles

Nine Inch Nails’ eighth studio album Hesitation Marks is a really big deal.  It is (with all respects to Josh Homme and company) the most anticipated album release in rock, electronic (and quite possibly dance) music this year.  The Tension 2013 tour hasn’t even begun and high fidelity recordings of Hesitation Marks haven’t even been heard, and it still feels like Nine Inch Nails is the biggest thing to happen in music this year (you can thank their towering shadow effects festival stage show for that as well).  September 3rd is fast approaching and the Nine Inch Nails machine is in full gear.  Starting on Monday, scattered throughout Los Angeles will be record release events where you can buy Hesitation Marks, get some free food, and hopefully draw the winning raffle number to get you this year’s most ridiculously sought after ticket. (more…)


Ten Things to Expect on the Groove Cruise LA (Part 2)

Now that you know who will be playing some of the most massive sets and what you’ll be wearing during them, it’s time to give you the next installment of Ten Things to Expect on the Groove Cruise LA.  We had to narrow down the list to ten, because honestly there’s way too many things to be excited about.  As we round out the list, make sure to keep these things in mind and cross them off this September.  We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing because we definitely won’t.  Now let’s make some new friends! (more…)


Ten Things to Expect on the Groove Cruise LA (Part 1)

The Groove Cruise’s fully chartered Los Angeles voyage is less than a month away.  Are you prepared to party with 2,000 of your newest and closest friends?  Most likely not, but that’s OK.  We at Rabbits Black got you covered.  Now there are some surprises and things we just can’t tell you yet- you have to experience them for yourself aboard the world’s largest dance music festival on water.  But we can tell you ten things to expect from Groove Cruise LA 2013.  Hit the jump to find out what you got yourself into! (more…)


Stream “Hesitation Marks” from Nine Inch Nails in full for free

One week before it’s official release and the new album from Nine Inch Nails is streaming for free on iTunes.  Hesitation Marks was leaked earlier this week, but we suggest checking out the full stream today and doing the right thing and buying the album digitally, on vinyl, or good old Compact Disc.  There’s been some early praise for Hesitation Marks around the web, and we can tell you that we’ve heard the whole album all the way through a few times now.  We are saving judgement until next week.  We have to live with the album for a little bit before we can put any type of rating to it.  Take your first listen now! (more…)

Nine Inch Nails troubadour tickets win kroq

Show Alert: Nine Inch Nails @ The Troubadour 9/3

How do you plan on spending next Tuesday?  Are you going to get your friends together a listen to the new Nine Inch Nails album Hesitation Marks on it’s release day?  Maybe you want to hear it solo in your super fancy headphones first.  Or, if you are 1 of 300 very very lucky fans, you’ll be hanging with Trent hearing new tracks from Hesitation Marks live at The Troubadour.  Ya, that sounds like the best option.  Nine Inch Nails at The Troubadour.  300 people capacity.  Next Tuesday. (more…)


Show Alert: Mark Lanegan @ The Troubadour 10/4

Mark Lanegan returns with his latest album Imitations on September 17th.  He’s following the album release up with a limited US tour encompassing only 8 dates around the country before heading to Europe.  You can catch Lanegan at his first live show in support of Imitations on October 4th at The Troubadour.  We know it’s still August, but trust us when we say this show is close to selling out already.  Mark’s a big deal in these parts, and without a San Francisco show scheduled, this Troubadour date might be his only California stop for awhile.  Tickets and show preview here. (more…)


Groove Cruise dance music festival ready for first fully chartered Los Angeles voyage

For the past nine years, Miami has played host to the Groove Cruise- the largest fully chartered dance music festival on water.  Throughout that run, the Groove Cruise has embarked on 19 unique experiences and has even tempted the waters of the Pacific Ocean with smaller excursions from San Diego and Los Angeles.  But this September 27th-30th, the Groove Cruise comes to Los Angeles with bigger aspirations, a bigger lineup, and the biggest cruise liner they’ve ever had set sail from California.  Groove Cruise LA 2013 will be the first fully chartered excursion from this side of the country and it packs a lineup of some of EDM’s biggest stars.  With stops in Catalina and Mexico, the Groove Cruise is the most unique dance music experience on the West Coast this year- and we haven’t even gotten to the lineup yet!  September 27th is fast approaching and we have all the Groove Cruise coverage you need right here. (more…)

black box revelation love lick music video

Watch Black Box Revelation in the music video for “Love Licks”

Look, we can admit when we miss something awesome.  It happens.  We get hundreds of e-mails, tweets, Facebook messages and the rest a day.  It’s hard going through all of that!  But that doesn’t mean we can’t go back and find some cool stuff that you really need in your life.  Take this video from Black Box Revelation for example.  “Love Licks” is one of our most favorite tracks from the Belgian duo ever, and it comes from the stellar 2010 album Silver Threats.  The video wasn’t under the official Black Box YouTube channel, but we found while digging around today.  It’s pure rock n’ roll goodness.  Sex, killer guitar solo, and drumming underwater.  Check it out! (more…)