Show Alert: Daniel Bedingfield @ Cafe Du Nord in SF 9/29

Genre-splitting musician Daniel Bedingfield is back after 8 years of protracted contractual disputes with his former record label. Now he back, on his own, and he is putting out EPs left and right. He released the single “Rocks Off” in March followed by the EP “Stop the Traffik – Secret Fear,” and now he has two more EPs due out in 2012.  I guess over the past 8 years he’s collected some new music! He is playing at Cafe du Nord on September 29, check out some of his new music and ticket information below, and let us know what you think! (more…)

chappo bonnaroo band download single come home

Show Alert: CHAPPO @ Bootleg Bar 5/18 & Brick And Mortar Music Hall 5/23

We’ve been playing CHAPPO’s debut release Moonwater all weekend.  Set to be revealed to the world on May 15th, the album combines the indie pop magic of today’s radio stalwarts but with a sense of honesty that makes you actually care about the tunes.  Core creative influences Alex Chappo and Chris Olson met in New York City, but brought their musical experiences from Baton Rouge (Alex) and Seattle (Chris) to the sound of CHAPPO.  Take a listen to a few select tracks from their debut album, and get tickets to the Moonwater album release show at the Bootleg Bar on May 18th in Los Angeles. (more…)

Best of Coachella 2012

So it took us a few days to recover from the desert heat, long journeys of our Bay Area based writers, and to synthesize 6 days of music at Coachella and 4 nights of shows in Los Angeles in between.  We’ve finally did it and can present to you the Best of Coachella 2012.  We took input from out whole staff to put together this final recap on what was an unforgettable 7 days for the Los Angeles music scene.  Check it all out here! (more…)

APTBS Club Mayan Los Angeles Review

Live Review: A Place To Bury Strangers @ Club Mayan 3/14

With no curtain to conceal their presence, the bare necessities of the band set in place, and a final stare into the house lights, A Place To Bury Strangers took the stage at Club Mayan last night in a smoky haze of fog as the lights dimmed.  Those lights would never come to full life again during their set, but the pulse of strobes would give all the lighting needed for the experience.  The fog covered Oliver Ackermann, Dion Lunadon and Robi Gonzalez on stage, while the crowd became enveloped in the wall of sound that A Place To Bury Strangers (APTBS) traps the audience in.  It was the most genuine musical experience of the night even though they were slotted as the opener. (more…)

The Darkness Foxy Shazam Fillmore House of Blues Review

Feature Review: A double dose of The Darkness and Foxy Shazam

The Rabbits Black staff can’t get enough of The Darkness and Foxy Shazam!  The Darkness on their return to rock tour with the party-starting Foxy opening?!  Ya, count us in for two nights!  So we just had to check out both shows so Rabbits Black could be in the building for the House of Blues Sunset show in Los Angeles and the Fillmore show in San Francisco.  We sent a dude to LA, and a chick to SF.  Get the dual perspective on these two shows in two cities from two different sets of eyes and ears.  The dual feature review is here! (more…)

bootleg residency incan abraham

Incan Abraham set for February residency every Monday at the Bootleg

There is an undeniable and expansive sea of indie music in Los Angeles and San Francisco making the rounds and case to be heard amongst the rest.  Trust us, there is no shortage of quality indie music out there.  The challenge is finding those that stand above the rest.  It’s easy to find out that the latest Jane’s Addiction album is amazing, or that The Growlers are becoming a must-see act at Coachella this year.  It’s harder to find out that Incan Abraham might be a band that deserves your listening time.  Here is the perfect opportunity to find out.  Music and residency dates after the jump. (more…)

Show Alert – Rogue Valley @ Bootleg Bar 1/29

Rogue Valley, hailing from Minnestoa, are bringing their harmonies to LA this Friday Jan.29  for a show at the Bootleg Bar. Minneapolis native Chris Koza started the Rouge Valley project for his very ambitious 4-album endeavor. “In one year, Rogue Valley wrote, recorded and released 4 full-length albums, each one reminiscent of the season of its creation.” Koza has toured with the likes of Spoon, Weezer, and Lucinda Williams. Check out some of their music after the jump. (more…)