A Look at Coachella Artists: Hozier and AC/DC

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At last, the time is almost here for this year’s Coachella! As everyone knows, it is THE biggest annual music festival. It initially started out as just that, a festival dedicated to catering a vast array of genres of music that varies from rock, hip hop, indie and electronic dance music. However, throughout the years, Coachella has transitioned into a trend, a tradition you might call it, and it is the absolute place to be for everybody and anybody. Peeps spend months anticipating on who the amazing line up will be every year, contemplating on which weekend to attend if not both. Girlfriends hurdle together in accessorizing the perfect “Coachella” Hippie outfits with tons of chunky necklaces and flower child headpieces. Hotels are booked far in advance, tickets sell out at the speediest rate and most of all, every one wants to be there and will do pretty much anything to make it happen. Spotting out celebrities is a given. And the photos…if for some reason you aren’t able to attend this glorified festival, have no worries. All social media outlets will be on overload feeds of Facebook posts, tweets, Instagram photos, snap chat videos, all social media will have momentarily updates. After all, ‘Tis the season of Coachella, the modern day Woodstock is quickly approaching and 2015’s headliners are nothing short of immaculate.

Dates for this year’s Coachella:

Coachella 2015 Weekend 1: April 10, 11, 12

Coachella 2015 Weekend 2: April 17, 18, 19


Let’s begin with introducing and shining the spotlight on the ever so talented, Irish musician, Andrew Bynes, who the world knows simply as: Hozier. Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you have certainly heard the non-stop playing of Hozier’s breakthrough debut single, “Take me to Church”. Things keeps getting bigger and grander for this lad and we can’t wait to see what else is in store for Hozier, and rightfully so. A struggling musician initially, according to Hozier, after a bad breakup, he recorded a rough demo of “Take Me to Church” in the attic of his parents house (at 2am) in Bray, a town in north County Wicklow, Ireland. In 2013, Hozier released the EP Take Me to Church, with the title track becoming his breakthrough single after it went viral on You Tube and has become a wondrous sensation ever since, earning him a Grammy nomination for “Song of the Year” in 2015.

He also performed at this year’s Grammies alongside the legendary Annie Lennox who joined him on stage to sing along Hozier’s epic hit of “Take me to Church”. Hozier has performed on Saturday Night Live, gaining his hit single “Take me to Church” even more global widespread popularity, achieving the number-one status in 12 countries, becoming a major radio hit and has been certified triple platinum in the U.S. The whirlwind success of a debut song is astonishing. Not too shabby for this determined singer/songwriter just 24 years young.

Hozier performing alongside legendary Annie Lennox at the 2015 Grammy's

Hozier performing alongside Annie Lennox at the 2015 Grammy’s

His immense talent of writing his own lyrics and music, playing multiple instruments and his stellar deep vocals, not to mention he’s sweet on the eyes, has paved the way to now headline alongside some of the biggest names in music at this year’s and Hozier’s first year at Coachella. Hozier is currently on a U.S. tour, so you can catch him at a show nearest to you. Finally, to answer his preach, his pleading, his one wish that he has been so ferociously insisting in form of song, the one demand that has made him a superstar, YES, Hozier! I will happily take you to church!

For more details on Hozier, please visit his official website at: http://hozier.com/

To purchase tickets for Hozier’s 2015 tour currently taking place, you can find the tour dates nearest you and purchase tickets via TicketMaster: www.ticketmaster.com




A band that has truly been on a “Highway to Hell” and conquered through countless triumphs and tribulations, AC/DC is still standing strong and rocking hard with a vengeance. Originating in Australia, hard rock band, AC/DC formed in 1973 by brothers Malcolm and Angus Young, who actually continued as original members until sadly, Malcolm’s illness, diagnosed with dementia was announced which resulted in his unfortunate departure from the band in 2014. AC/DC has endured several line-up changes through the years, but still somehow managed to become one of the most best-selling bands of all time and have been dubbed as the pioneers of heavy metal, selling over 200 million albums worldwide in the span of an impressive 40 years. The current band members that make up AC/DC are: founder and lead guitarist Angus Young, drummer Phil Rudd, Cliff Williams on bass, rhythm guitarist Stevie Young, and lead vocalist Brian Johnson. AC/DC were inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame in 2003.


Universally known for their captivatingly epic power tracks, ‘Highway to Hell’ and “Shook me All Night Long” in particular have set the tone as classic hits that is essentially recognized as the epitome of the 80’s genre. “Highway to Hell” became AC/DC’s first American million-seller, making it a nostalgic track and serves as the staple anthem for the band and for rock and roll. Frontman’s Brian Johnson’s distinctive gritty screech still reaches that fierce high rock tone that has made AC/DC stand out so uniquely. Steven Tyler, lead singer of the legendary band Aerosmith, describes AC/DC’s power chords as “the thunder from down under that gives you the second most powerful surge that can flow through your body.’

Fun band fact: Brothers and original founding members of AC/DC, Malcolm and Angus Young developed the idea for the band’s name after their sister, Margaret Young, saw the initials “AC/DC” on a sewing machine. “AC/DC” is an abbreviation meaning “alternating current/direct current” electricity. The AC/DC logo uses a symbol with a lightning bolt separating the “AC” and “DC” and has remained heir signature logo and has been used on all their trademarks and been used on all studio albums.


AC/DC Newest Album

AC/DC Newest Album

Just recently in December 2014, AC/DC released their 15th studio album Rock or Bust.The debut single from the album, “Play Ball” immediately became an international commercial success. It was the first album made without founding member and rhythm guitarist, Malcolm Young. To promote the release of the new album, to keep Malcolm Young’s legacy alive and to celebrate AC/DC’s 40th anniversary, the group will embark on a world tour later this year with dates to be announced soon. For now, everyone will have the opportunity to see AC/DC headline at this year’s line up for Coachella. Warning: You will be shook all night long!


For more details on AC/DC, please visit their official website at: http://www.acdc.com/us/rockorbust


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