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Need some help getting around the site?  Not really sure what this is all about?  Do you need some life guidance?  Take a look inside here and find out all you need to know about Rabbits Black and your future.

Oh, hey there.  How are you?  Now, I’m not sure if you knew this, but there is a party going on here at Rabbits Black, and it looks like you have been invited!  We have already added a bunch of content for you to check out, so look at the different categories and take a peek around.  Thanks for coming, and let’s get started…

What is Rabbits Black? Its a music blog turned social community.  What started as a Los Angeles music blog is now a community of different minds from San Francisco to Los Angeles.  We cover everything from music, to art, to film festivals.  While we are mostly music based, you will find a lot more here.

What is the Rad 5? The Rad 5 is our top five hottest events, reviews, or feature pieces on the site right now.  If you need to find out what is really going on quickly, check out the Rad 5.

Your review scale looks crazy! It’s not.  Follow me here… its a suggestion review chart, if you will.

1 star = delete (as in seriously you need to delete this album or song right away before someone knows you have it).

2 stars = stream (don’t buy this album, because its not very good. just stream it and hear it. after that, you’ll probably be done with it).

3 stars = download (OK, we can’t tell you to steal music, that’s fucked up right? so download it somehow, anyhow. it’s worth hearing and you should keep it around).

4 stars = vinyl (get this thing on vinyl baby! it’s good and you want it for your collection. vinyls last forever, and so will the awesomeness of this album).

5 stars = collectors edition (whoa! do you ever think why would I need a t-shirt, the surround sound mix, vinyl, hardcover artwork book, and bobble head of this album? this is why! it’s that amazing, and you need it all!)

What the hell are those things on the 2 and 3 star reviews? Little tiny rabbits with tools, because ya know, the album needs work.

What is “Experience”? Experience is our opinion section. Have you ever had an experience or opinion? Cool, send it to

What is this party non-sense? We like to party with cool people and awesome music! So keep an eye on that page, because we will be throwing parties all around this city/festival/world!  In fact, our launch party is June 25th at O’Briens in Santa Monica.  There will be live music, cheap drinks and cool people.  Check out the party page for more info.

Watch and Listen is confusing me… Really? OK, how about this. Watch = Video. Listen = Song.

What should I do now? Easy! Follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook and definitely sign up for the Newsletter on the sidebar.  Leave comments on the posts while you are at it.  Beyond that, we want you to be involved, so visit the contribute section and don’t be afraid to send us an e-mail.  Music brings people together- don’t forget that.

Welcome to Rabbits Black… we look forward to being with you for the rest of your life!



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