Watch Wavves in their new music video for “Bug”

Life Suxs, the new EP from Wavves is out this week, and to celebrate the guys from Wavves got together for a little party in the music video for “Bug”.  We can try to describe the video for you, but Nathan Williams probably has the best description of it from Twitter this morning: “When Steve and I wrote the video we were somewhere in Germany so fucked up and we emailed my manager and our label at the time about the idea of the video and I don’t even think either of them wrote us back ha ha…actually my manager did. he’s cool.”

No way… you mean there was no high quality production assistants, SAG card carrying actors, or Michael Bay behind the camera?!  The video soaks up all the fun that Wavves is about.  Yes, some “officers” get shot, and we don’t support that- but we are pretty sure they are mall security guards.

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  1. myjestik

    cool yet confusing video


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