Sometimes things get past our radar, and the official lyric video for “Twisted Tales” did back in late April.  Hey, we were a little busy covering the actual Theatre of The Escapists tour in person from city to city.  The video didn’t get a lot of hype because it’s not your usual high production music video, but it is one of the more poignant ones we have seen in a long time.  Check out the official lyric video for one of the best songs from one of 2011’s best albums.

The video pieces together live footage from the Theatre of the Escapists live show and early 90s raw footage that tells the story of runaway and mistreated teens.  It puts the song into perspective, and its a great accompaniment to the album experience as a whole.  If you were wondering what some of the crazy stage performers were doing and trying to portray during those unforgettable live shows, here’s a little help in decipher the art.  We would love to see more of these lyric videos- they cost very little to make and a great deal to the songs.  Good work JA.

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