Watch Jane’s Addiction in “Underground” director’s cut

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jane's addiction underground music video explicit

Drugs, girls, and rock n’ roll music- the underground.  Jane’s Addiction has never been one to stray away from the old mantra of rock n’ roll which included the necessary ingredients of sex and drugs.  The third video from The Great Escape Artist captures all of this in the director’s cut of the music video that debuted on today.  Check it out here, with a few NSFW moments.

The video was shot at Cafe Club Fais Do-Do.  The club is an unassuming establishment in mid-city that has its share of eclectic acts through the week.  Tonight for example, is Jamaican oldies and reggae classics.  Jane’s Addiction turned the club into their own type of madness and created an appropriate backdrop for the opening track to the album.  We’ll keep ya posted when JA announce west coast tour dates.

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