Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (BRMC) are one of the hardest working and touring bands around.  They played over 150 shows in 2010- ya, that’s about a show every other night.  Most of their touring last year was in support of their brilliant 2010 album Beat The Devil’s Tattoo.  They stopped by Amoeba in San Francisco on March 10th, 2010 for a free show, a show you can see now.  BRMC was homegrown in San Francisco and they made a name for themselves playing small shows around the city.  They’re based out of Los Angeles now, but they pay homage to their San Francisco roots by playing multiple shows in the Bay Area on every tour.  For the release of Beat The Devil’s Tattoo, BRMC played a free show on the release date at the Amoeba in San Francisco.  You can check out the full performance on Amoeba’s website here: BRMC @ Amoeba San Francisco



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