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black box revelation love lick music video

Look, we can admit when we miss something awesome.  It happens.  We get hundreds of e-mails, tweets, Facebook messages and the rest a day.  It’s hard going through all of that!  But that doesn’t mean we can’t go back and find some cool stuff that you really need in your life.  Take this video from Black Box Revelation for example.  “Love Licks” is one of our most favorite tracks from the Belgian duo ever, and it comes from the stellar 2010 album Silver Threats.  The video wasn’t under the official Black Box YouTube channel, but we found while digging around today.  It’s pure rock n’ roll goodness.  Sex, killer guitar solo, and drumming underwater.  Check it out!

Apparently 150,000 other people knew about this video before us, but it’s all good!  “Love Licks” contains one of Jan Paternoster’s best recorded solos for the band.  The guitarist is a shredder in live performances, but he really lets it go on this track for your on-demand listening pleasure.  Drummer Dries Van Dijck is his usual awesome self, but this time in water!  It’s a great day when you find out that one of your favorite tracks from an awesome band has a music video you’ve never seen that makes the song somehow even better.  Check it out below.

Here’s a little Black Box Revelation update for you all as well.  Rabbits Black presents The BBR Tequila Pool Party.  Coming at you in 2014.

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