Who needs Michael Bay these days when you can shoot an action flick on your widely available for free iPhone and it’s 8MM mode!  A Place To Bury Strangers have just released their latest video for “Leaving Tomorrow”.  Filmed in New York, the video is based on the short story “Katsu Gee” by Momo Fujiwara.  The band continues their theme of self-production following the release of their latest album Worship.

The self-produced video follows frontman Oliver Ackermann as the character Terry, and bassist Robi Gonzalez as the Wizard chasing Oliver’s character.  Luckily, bassist Dion Lunadon comes to the rescue as the Handsome Saviour of Mankind.  Sound strange?  Ya, it kind of is.  Check out all the glorious action and drama below.  Hey Dion, we are still waiting for that “And I’m Up” animated video you promised us!

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