Ten Things to Expect on the Groove Cruise LA (Part 2)

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Now that you know who will be playing some of the most massive sets and what you’ll be wearing during them, it’s time to give you the next installment of Ten Things to Expect on the Groove Cruise LA.  We had to narrow down the list to ten, because honestly there’s way too many things to be excited about.  As we round out the list, make sure to keep these things in mind and cross them off this September.  We wouldn’t want you to miss a thing because we definitely won’t.  Now let’s make some new friends!

6. Making new friends will be easy

EDC in Vegas has over 300,000 attendees.  Coachella has over 80,000 festival goers.  The Groove Cruise?  You and 2,000 of your closest shipmates!  It’s easy to feel lost at major festivals in the United States, but the Groove Cruise offers a totally different experience.  There’s no going to a different hotel at the end of the night- we’re all staying together!  The unique accommodations coupled with a vibe that runs through the event that promotes fun and friendship makes this cruise an event where you’ll come back with more than a handful of pending Facebook friend requests.  It’s one of the coolest things about the Groove Cruise, and it pays homage to its grass roots beginnings as a weekend adventure that started with only 140 party goers 10 years ago.

groove-cruise-la-2013-preview-tickets-los angeles-edm-cruise

Somewhere in there is your new pen pal.

7. Not a lot of rules

Don’t take our word for it.  You can read it right on the Groove Cruise website:

THE ONLY RULE: THERE ARE NO RULES! Well, almost… Of course we have a set of guidelines in place to keep you safe, healthy, and comfortable, but in general we adhere to a simple philosophy: No one should tell you what to do on your vacation. You are not obligated to go on any tours, eat at a specific time, or engage in group activities. And don’t even think about dress codes — it’s your vacation, wear whatever you want!

Stay safe, have fun, do what you want, be friendly.  Now that’s something we could live by.

groove-cruise-la-2013-preview-tickets-los angeles-edm-cruise

…and that’s also how fun is had.

8. You’ll have an awesome eating experience

A 72 hour dance party doesn’t make you think about food, but trust us, you are going to need to eat at some point.  The Groove Cruise offers seated dining for full course meals and also late night buffets.  We think you should try both, but don’t be afraid to put some groups together and get the drinks and plates flowing.  Mixing groups is always a good idea to make friends- and also a quick way to start a party.  It might be breakfast, it might be a late lunch, or it might even be dinner… but we think you’ll have an awesome party experience at one of them.  Just don’t say we didn’t warn you when you are on your eighth mimosa.

groove-cruise-la-2013-preview-tickets-los angeles-edm-cruise

They might be half empty, but we’re thinking half full.

9. Your new favorite DJ is on-board

Most music festivals make it hard for you to get to the actual music.  Mile long walks just to get to the venue, long security lines everyday, and stages spread out across open fields.  I thought experiencing music was supposed to be easy?  On the Groove Cruise it is.  You are never too far from a stage or party, and since the party never ends, you don’t have to go home at 11 PM- you are already home where the party is!  Checking out new music is easy, and you are going to see some DJ sets that you have never experienced before.  That’s a great thing with house pioneers like Funkagenda and Donald Glaude on the boat to be witnessed, marquee acts like Chuckie and Fedde Le Grand, and California local favorites such as the EC Twins and Kristina Sky.  There’s a lot to see and your new favorite DJ is waiting!

groove-cruise-la-2013-preview-tickets-los angeles-edm-cruise-funkagenda

Don’t be surprised when you leave Groove Cruise with someone like Funkagenda stuck in your head.

10. On Monday morning you are going to want to do this again

“Great music, great people, great DJs.” – DEADMAU5


“It’s a F*CKING good party on The Groove Cruise!” – BENNY BENASSI

“Groove Cruise might have been the CRAZIEST 72 hrs EVER!” – DIMITRI VEGAS & LIKE MIKE

If that is what they are saying, think what you’ll be saying.  The Groove Cruise sets sail again from Miami in January, and now it’s up to you to make sure the Groove Cruise comes back to LA next year.  Get on-board and make the party of your life happen!

Your chance to be a part of the experience is running out with over 90% of the cabins full.  Rabbits Black readers get $50 off their booking.  If you party with us, you also give back.  With our partners Whet Travel, we’ll be donating $50 for every cabin booked to PATH (People Assisting The Homeless).  You go on the Groove Cruise and homeless families get a new start- it’s all good vibes from here on out.  Follow the link here to book and use the code: rabbitsblack



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