SZA Releases New Single, “Sobriety”


(Article by RB Contributor Stanislava)

Yes indeed, the 24 year old singer and songwriter SZA (real name Solana Rowe) has made lightning strike twice after releasing her latest song “Sobriety”—a simultaneously vibrant and smooth track with lyrics that help paint a vivid picture of a young woman drowning in the unrelenting sorrow of her breakup.  Yet despite her emotional devastation in the song—which is the first single from her latest EP, Z—“Sobriety” also serves as a statement of resilience and self-affirmation, and each subsequent verse is more superbly written than the previous one, preaching “I’ma be fine anyway, I’ma be cool, I’ma keep calm, I’ma be right anyway / Better than you, better than her.  It’s easy to tell that SZA is singing from the very bottom of her heart on this one.

And considering the wealth of co-production credits by upcoming artists Sounwave, Thundercat, Chris Calor, Cody, and LoveDragon, even if you’re not the biggest SZA fan, you’ll still no doubt find a reason to listen to this heartfelt jam!

You can catch SZA on the “Enter The Void” Tour with Jhene Aiko and The Internet, which starts on December 2nd.  And also make sure to check out “Sobriety” below:

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