The week of free album streaming continues today with a free stream of Puscifer’s new album Conditions Of My Parole.  Set to be released next week, you can listen to the album right here after the jump thanks to the good old folks at  If you are a Tool fan, or Maynard connoisseur you’ll be all about this album.  With a lineup that consisted of 16 musicians from bands like The Mars Volta and ASHES dIVIDE, there is a lot to hear on the new LP.  Get started now!

Seriously, I’m not sure who sent out the memo to the music industry about streaming the album for free before the release, but it seems as if everyone is starting to follow that trend.  While this is not the solution to the “problem” (it’s not a problem), it’s a step in the right direction for bands to connect with their fans in the age of digital music and distribution.  The new Puscifer album is available below for you to take a listen to.  The album was recorded in a make shift studio built in a wine cellar at Maynard’s Caduceus Wines vineyard in Northern Arizona.  We got the chance to try some of these wines during the last A Perfect Circle tour, and they were damn delicious.  Is the album that was recorded in the cellars just as pleasing?


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