Drugs never felt so good! The War on drugs gave an unbelievable performance last night at the Satellite. In fact, the overall show was amazing. Opening act Carter Tanton killed it with his softer more mellow set and the Purling Hiss were so loud and monstrously good, I think they may have caused about a third of the audience to be declared legally deaf.

I’ve never been to this venue before but I am sure as most of you know that the Satellite use to be Spaceland. With the inside of the venue looking like you just walked into an interstellar spaceship provided the perfect ambiance for The War on Drugs. Their melodic riffs, spacey background noises, and epic swells of swirling guitars, organ sounds, and bass made you feel as though you were transcending through space and time and The War on Drugs were taking you there.

“Arms Like Boulders” off of their 2008 album Wagonwheel Blues, was their opening song. Other songs included: “Baby Missiles,” “Taking the Farm,” “Best Night,” “Brothers,” “Comin’ Through,” and “Needle in Your Eye,” and those are just a handful of tracks they played. Like on their albums, they included some melodic hypno-rock jams in between some of their songs, which were absolutely mind altering. For most of their songs that they perform live, Adam Granduciel (lead singer/guitar) reprises his parts for the live show while the rest of the group’s sounds are for the most part like off of the album. Adam eerily resembles classic Bob Dylan in the way that he sings by hesitating and delaying on certain words and finally spitting out and emphasizing vowels where he can and really makes his performance brilliant and refreshing.

The overall tone of their live show is like a train, it’s all about forward motion and momentum. The organs lift you, the bass grabs you, the drums carry, and the guitar moves you. Every part of this band works together to leave you dumbfounded and amazed by the raw talent this band brings.

Be sure to grab a copy of  The War on Drugs latest album, Slave Ambient, out now under Secretly Canadian!

The War on Drugs – Best Night by SongsOfTheDay

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