Show Alert: Mac DeMarco @ The Observatory Orange County 4/6

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If you’ve heard of Makeout Videotape, then you have heard of Mac DeMarco. The obscure Canadian multi-instrumental artist will be making his way down to Orange County for a very special performance at The Observatory on April 6th. Mac DeMarco crashed into the scene with his debut album (appropriately named), “ Rock and Roll Night Club,” in March of 2012. It’s an album that requires an acquired taste but once taste is acquired, it’s pretty damn tasty. His latest album, “2,” which was released in October of 2012, is somewhat similar to his previous one but has a more upbeat sound to it. To me, a lot of the songs on this record stir up some nostalgia of my childhood, but just to mention one in particular that stood out the most, “ Ode to Viceroy,” is an awesome track that makes me think about my grandma who couldn’t start her day without a coffee and a good old Viceroy cigarette. So get out of your ivory towers in LA and make your way down to Orange County and chill out to some cool tunes and get of feel of your nostalgia!


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