San Francisco’s very own Zodiac Death Valley has a local show scheduled for early June that you will want to mark on your calendars.  Playing the Rickshaw Stop with Mark Matos & Os Beaches, and Little Owl.  If you haven’t been to the Rickshaw Stop yet, this is a perfect opportunity to check out one of San Francisco’s hidden gems.  Located on Van Ness, the Rickshaw exudes San Francisco’s intimate music culture and is an homage to the rich rock n’ roll history of the city.  Ticket info and some Zodiac Death Valley music for you after the jump.

Check out Zodiac Death Valley in the music video for “Hail Hail December”:

This blissful journey hums and pops along the way, but keeps itself center with pure rock roots.  Its a good taste of a Zodiac Valley show.  Exploratory and exciting, while keeping the mood light but never straying too far away from their 70s inspirations.  This $10 show will kick off your Friday night in San Francisco and give you something to bounce along to for the rest of the weekend.  It’s a hometown show, and those always bring out the best in bands, so don’t be surprised if the set gets a little “out of hand”.  Get your tickets and check em out!

Zodiac Death Valley @ Rickshaw Stop in San Francisco – June 1st – $10

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