Los Angeles, we have something different for you this weekend.  There are already a handful of amazing shows happening, but this one is a little different and a whole lot of fun.  Soul Rebels Brass Band is coming to Los Angeles, and this is your chance to see a unique musical experience that very rarely makes it to this side of the coast.  If you have never seen a true New Orleans brass band, than you are missing an essential musical experience in your life.  The Soul Rebels are renowned in New Orleans as one of the best local brass bands, and this Thursday and Friday for $15 you can experience them for yourself.  A must see show, with ticket info after the jump!

We’ve caught Soul Rebels Brass Band a few times down in New Orleans.  They are absolutely amazing, and combine a party atmosphere with the sweet sounds of New Orleans brass bands.  Deeply rooted in the New Orleans musical culture, brass bands play just as important of a part in the history and culture of the city as the famous jazz musicians that world has come to know.  A true New Orleans brass band is an experience that you take part in- you don’t sit back and watch, you get involved.  At the Mint this weekend, for only $15 you can see one of the best brass bands straight from New Orleans.  They rarely make it out this way, so this is an opportunity that you don’t want to miss.  Check out the trailer video for their upcoming new Unlock Your Mind due in January of next year.  It’s a party and concert you don’t want to miss!

Soul Rebels Brass Band – The Mint, Thursday September 22nd – $15 tickets

Soul Rebels Brass Band – The Mint, Friday September 23rd – $15 tickets

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