Show Alert: Portugal the Man and Alberta Cross @ Avalon in Santa Clara 9/28

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Celebrating the summer 2011 release of their 7th studio production, In the Mountain, In the Cloud, Portugal the Man (PTM) is making a detour in the south bay area next week with special guest Alberta Cross at the Avalon in Santa Clara. If you all recall, Rabbitsblack posted an in-depth review of In the Mountain, In the Cloud along with the full-length video production for their featured single, “Sleep Forever” back in July… so you can imagine our in house stoked level to have a chance to catch the live act as a headliner! A couple more tracks from their latest release are included in the post after the transport; give them a listen!


Portugal. The Man – Senseless

PTM has the sound of an indie rock band that is very much in touch with their identity. From John Gourley’s pitchy lead vocals and melodic guitar strums, to the controlled tempo drum work by Jason Sechrist and harmonic wondering sounds of Ryan Neighbor’s synthesizer and keyboard, PTM’s overall balance makes for some very easy listening. Translate that sound style with some psychedelic stage produced performance antics, and you have yourself the recipe for a delicious live show.

Adding a significant bonus to the mix, up and coming rock band Alberta Cross will be the supporting act next Wednesday in Santa Clara. This British originated folksy rock band has toured all over the US and Europe during the past few years and are no strangers to the Bay Area. In 2010, Alberta Cross embarked on their first headlining tour and sold out shows all over California, so many of you may have already had the privilege of witnessing their live performance. Their latest full feature release came in 2009 as Broken Side of Time and received worldwide recognition. A more recent endeavor has taken their music and coupled it with the acclaimed film and video production of David O. Russell to be featured in a 6 part promotion for Ketel One Vodka.  Check out act one of that promo here:

Bottom line, this show has shaped up to be a very worthwhile musical experience. Your Bay Area Rabbitsblack correspondent will be in attendance. Feel free to give me a shout!


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