Show Alert: M83 @ The Fillmore 4/22

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M83 has just announced their spring tour for 2012, and it all kicks off in our beautiful city by the bay.  Not only is M83 choosing to launch the tour in San Francisco, they are bringing the show to the legendary Fillmore.  If you are one of the many that believe M83 is currently putting on one of the best live concert events around, then you will not want to miss this performance at the historic San Francisco music venue.  The show is almost 6 months away, but tickets go on sale this Sunday!

You’ll have your tickets in hand for a few months if you are fast with the draw this Sunday.  Make no mistake about it, M83 will sell out on Sunday almost immediately.  Make sure you are ready to go at 10AM PST when tickets go on sale.  Here is your link to get tickets.  If you are attending this show, we are going to put together a special show review that includes different perspectives from readers.  Keep an ear out, we are going to be calling on you to guest blog this one!  Don’t forget to enter our current M83 Madness Contest that can get you the new album and also a free download of the “Midnight City (Man With No Country) Remix).

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