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If you’re looking for a place to go out on Monday night and listen to some cool new bands for free, then the Bootleg Bar & Theater in Westlake is the perfect spot for you.

This is especially true on Monday, November 10th, because on that particular night the Bootleg is featuring a remarkable new band called Dorothy. If that’s the first time you’ve heard that name, don’t worry; but it definitely won’t be the last.  This tornadic band featuring Dorothy Martin and her merry band of shredders—guitarist Mark Jackson, bassist Greg Cash, and drummer Zac Morris (this Zac Morris doesn’t have a cinder block for a cell phone)—will undoubtedly leave you breathless, discombobulated, and wanting more.  That’s because Dorothy understand the essentials of rock ‘n roll, and they proved as much in their new single, “Wicked Ones,” which is part of their upcoming debut EP.

If you’re still curious about their style, just imagine Angelina Jolie (from any one of her more high-octane roles, let’s just say something like Mr. & Mrs. Smith) playing Janis Joplin, and you should get the basic gist of what I am talking about.  Check out their single, “After Midnight,” below, to see what I mean.

[display_video youtube=d7DYCvCDeU8]

And the best part is you can see Dorothy play every Monday night through all of November at the Bootleg, and every performance is totally free – so go and enjoy them like I did!

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