(RB  Contributor Carolyn Vallejo)
Their first full-length album only came out in 2012, so why does it sound as though Dead Sara has been stomping across L.A. stages for decades?
It could be the undeniable Stevie Nicks lurking in lead singer Emily Armstrong’s vocals (not surprisingly, Dead Sara is named after a Fleetwood Mac lyric), or her vibe so hauntingly powerful it reminisces of Black Sabbath.
Or, Dead Sara’s timelessness might also be at the hands of lead guitarist Siouxsie Medley, who picked up a Fender Telecaster at the age of nine and subsequently punched out some of the most solid hard rock created in a generation – so hard, in fact, Medley’s riffing led to a few broken ribs back in 2012.
Wherever it comes from, Dead Sara on stage has the ability to wake up even the most jaded of longtime L.A. music venue crawlers. After bringing their mesh of rock, punk, grunge and folk on the road opening for bands ranging from Muse to Neon Trees, the four members of Dead Sara finally released their second record Pleasure To Meet You last March and are in the midst of fronting their own tour this time.

Tickets: Dead Sara @ The Troubadour, 5/12 + 5/13

As L.A. natives and anything but a stranger to The Troubadour stage, Dead Sara is going to bring it, loud and sweaty, during their back-to-back shows at the venue later this month.

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