Well read, charismatic, and benevolent rock act Circa Survive hit the road this fall with hometown pals Balance and Composure for the Violent Waves Tour, supporting their album of the same name, out August 28th. If Rabbits Black has ever steered you wrong, forget it. This can’t miss comes to Pomona’s Fox Theatre October 7th, LA’s Club Nokia on October 10th, and San Francisco’s Regency Ballroom on October 11th.

 “Desert First! Desert First!” – Circa Survive. If you haven’t heard of lead singer/songwriter Anthony Green, do yourself a favor and check out his Google results. Make no mistake, his career path is not simple. Through his participation in multiple acts he has become nothing short of cryptic; lending himself to legend and deftness comparable to that of Captain Jack Sparrow.

Lets look at the Facts: 

Circa Survive burst onto the scene in 2005 after Green left riff machine, Saosin.  Many people eagerly awaited his next move as Saosin’s extended play, Translating the Name, showcased Green’s vocal ability and opened him up in a way I haven’t seen since At the Drive In’s –In/Casino/Out or Nirvana’s –Bleach. (Yea… I said it. ) Green would achieve his ultimate goal with Circa Survive: becoming a major contributor to the writing process of a band.

Green joined childhood friend, drummer/guitarist Colin Frangicetto, guitarist Brendan Eckstrom, bassist Nick Beard, and drummer Steve Clifford when Circa Survive set up shop in southeast Pennsylvania. Here they would join friends: Chiodos, Protugal. the Man, and Coheed and Cambria for their first two albums, which were released by Equal Vision. Circa Survive then made the big jump to Atlantic for their major label debut, Blue Sky Noise, and will now release their first self-produced LP.

I’ve had the pleasure of seeing these gentleman four times. Each time, the group had new material in tow and each performance presented its own larger than life story. Before the first show, I read and listened to everything I could about them. I guess when you write albums containing lines from “The Boondock Saints,” “House of Leaves,” and poems by Alexander Pope, pictures get painted in the gaps of interpretation.  Whether any of these anecdotes are true or not, each experience was nothing short of epic. If you like tearing guitar solos, heavy drums, high energy rock, high pitched vocals, and truly artistic lyrics, this is it. They’re simply the best there is. Period.

Here’s a snapshot of what you’d miss if you let Circa Survive come to town without checking them out!

Circa’s single, “Get Out” – Live in Myspace Studios.

A single from Circa’s highly anticipated, self written and produced album, Violent Waves, out August 28th, 2012.

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Next Up- Doylestown’s new team to beat: Balance and Composure 

Further strengthening the scene that surrounds Philadelphia, Balance and Composure have made a  name for themselves through word of mouth, their tumblr, and well…their music. Their growing catalogue makes them a heavy favorite for greater future acclaim.  Seperation, Balance and Composure’s only full length to date, provided the energy and addition needed to cement their sustained play; combine this with the dexterity shown on their recent Acoustic EP and they’ve shown they can do it all, really well. Becareful out there kids, these guys go hard. Get in, the water is great.

“Burden” – a song from Balance and Composure’s split EP with Tiger’s Jaw:

“I tore you apart in my head” – Balance and Composure’s most well known song to date:

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