Show Alert: A Place To Bury Strangers @ The Echoplex, March 15th

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Sometimes we get lost in the shows and events and festivals that we are a part of.  Right now, we have to admit, a ton of time, blood and sweat is going into Psycho California, happening this May 15-17 and curated by our partners at Thief Presents.  So while some of us are knee deep in Psycho, here’s a show that made us stop and smell the scene for a second.  A Place To Bury Strangers are coming to The Echoplex on Sunday, March 15th.  This is one that you can’t miss, and if you do you will surely hear about it the next day or from your house in Silverlake.

The band is currently supporting their new release Transfixiation.  Check out the teaser for their fourth studio album here.  Last time we say APTBS, they literally sent people out of the room they were so loud (and legend has it the hospital).  That’s exactly why we can’t get enough of them when they come to town- they play fast, ferocious, and exactly how they want to sound.  It’s overpowering at times, but it makes you leave their show feeling like you just experienced something that matters.  Get tickets at the link below while you still can and watch the music video for the single “We’ve Come So Far” below.

Tickets: A Place To Bury Strangers @ The Echoplex, March 15th

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