Show Alert: A Perfect Circle @ Greek Theater in Berkeley 7/30

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Maynard has decided to tour and produce a new album with A Perfect Circle as his latest musical endeavor. I had a chance to see his other acclaimed performance last year when TOOL toured through California, and it is a pretty amazing spectacle with intense, heavy sound. It is the type of show to sit and trip through, not stand and dance.

Now this event is coming through the Greek Theater in Berzerkeley, which will make it all the more convenient to find the needed equipment and chemicals to have your game face on when the band reaches the stage. For those that have never been, the Greek Theater is by far and large the best outdoor amphitheater I have been to. Its placement near the base of one of the Berkeley hills leaves the sound well contained within the mostly concrete, open-air shell. It is small enough to seat only about 8,500 (compared to an arena show) and is located just west of historical Memorial Stadium where the CAL Bears play Division 1A football. Great performances like Daft Punk, Radiohead, and the Flaming Lips have been part of the modern history of this venue and Berkeley is laden with awesome food, people, and watering holes to keep your pre-party ramped. So, for those that enjoy big stage production, heavy, loud guitar riffs, and the lyrical style of Maynard, come on out to the interesting and bazaar streets of Berkeley for a Saturday afternoon circus in the streets and a Saturday night show at the Greek.


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