Secret Someones talks to Rabbits (An Interview)

Secret Someones

(Guest Interview by Tiernan)

What better way to make music than by starting with four best friends. Secret Someones, a Brooklyn based band, thought so too and apparently it’s working because they won’t be staying in Brooklyn for long. Their quirky and fun brand of pop rock will be going international with their tour in Australia and New Zealand. However if it was up to them, they’d be heading for a headliner at Hogwarts instead as you can read in the interview below, but lucky for us muggles we get to keep them all to ourselves. But if you can’t make it down under, don’t fret, check out their refreshing beats on soundcloud instead, and look forward to a full length album coming sometime in 2015! Check out our interview with the 4 musical BFFs below:

Rabbits:  How would you describe your music to someone who has never heard it before?Secret Someones Group

SS: Weezer backing the Dixie Chicks on some sweet pop-rock jams.

Rabbits:  Who are your top three music idols?

SS: Other than the bands above, we love Radiohead, Ben Kweller, Beatles… those are just the first three that came to mind!

Rabbits: Where do you like to go to find inspiration?

SS: We all love to go see and hear the amazing musicians and songwriters who play Rockwood Music Hall here in NYC. We also get a lot of inspiration from books, films, TV – anything with a great story. We DEVOUR podcasts and albums on the road.

Rabbits: Could you guys ever imagine living somewhere other than Brooklyn?

SS: If we got accepted into Hogwarts, we’d be out of here in a second. Sorry, BK.

Rabbits: What is the strangest thing that has happened to you while playing a show?

SS: Having the ghost of Richard Nixon join us on background vocals and tambourine was pretty bizarre, but that might’ve just been the mushrooms.

Rabbits: Would you say that being best friends is an influential factor in how you perform?

SS: Absolutely! We’re really comfortable with each other and that helps us to have a blast and feel fearless on stage.

Rabbits: What do you guys like to do together when you’re not making music?

SS: We love to eat great food and drink tasty cocktails!

Rabbits: What are your expectations as a band for your upcoming tour?

SS: We’re excited to share our music with the good people of Australia and New Zealand and hopefully make some new fans and friends in the process!

Rabbits: Will you have any time to explore the cities you’re playing at?

SS: Hopefully! Our schedule is pretty packed, though, so we’d settle for snuggling a koala or two.

Rabbits: What can we expect from Secret Someones in the future?

SS: You can expect a full-length album in early-2015 and A LOT more touring!

Secret Someones will be touring in Australia and New Zealand for the next few weeks, you can check out the full tour schedule for dates near you.


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